Benefits of Solving Previous Years’ JEE Question Papers

Benefits of Solving Previous

The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is the most challenging and one of the top competitive exams in the country. JEE has two phases: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Also, the JEE is the stepping stone for students to admission into one of the most prestigious technical institutes. As JEE is the toughest entrance examination, students should prepare well for the test. However, only rigorous preparation and studying the concepts from JEE syllabus do not guarantee a seat at the IIT. Along with the completion of JEE syllabus, students should also solve previous years’ JEE question papers to hone their skills and whatever they have learned.

On this page, you can understand the benefits of solving previous years’ JEE question papers to crack JEE with a good percentile.

Understanding of the Exam Pattern

Solving multiple previous years’ JEE question papers helps one to understand the exam pattern, weightage for chapters, the marking scheme for each section and the difficulty level of the questions asked. Students who are preparing for JEE Main 2023 or JEE Main 2024 can solve JEE Main 2022 question papers or 2023 papers. Solving past years’ papers helps to get familiar with the chapter-wise difficulty level of questions and get an idea about the topics that have been repeated in JEE question papers over time. Besides, students can identify the chapters that carry more weight than others. Moreover, you will know if you have skipped any important topics from the syllabus during preparation; if yes, you will be able to concentrate on them until the time.

Effective Time management

As we know, the duration for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced is 3 hours. Candidates must complete the exam in three hours and solve questions to the best of their ability and answer accurately. Thus, there will be only a few minutes to solve a question and respond to it accurately. Hence, time management is essential to speed and accuracy, and solving previous years’ JEE question papers will also help you hone this skill. Also, solving these papers will help you build shortcut tricks to solve Physics and Mathematics questions, particularly the numerical problems, thus will save time. Hence, it is considered one of the best benefits of solving the previous years’ JEE papers.

Self-Analysis and Boost Confidence

As all know, the JEE syllabus is vast, and students may need clarification about the chapters to focus on while preparing for the exam. Thus, solving previous papers gives an insight into strong and weak areas. Therefore, one can focus more on weak areas and boost confidence.

Candidates who aim to crack JEE 2023 or 2024 must practise JEE Advanced 2022 question papers or 2023 papers, along with JEE Main papers. Since we know that NTA will set the paper for JEE Main, whereas for JEE Advanced, 7 IITs will set the question paper on a rotational basis. So, the candidates must check the type of questions asked each year. Apart from the above, by solving JEE question papers, you will understand how to avoid negative markings, as these will assist in choosing the right options in the exam. This will help students to improve their performance in the examination and solve the questions accurately.

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