How long does it take to find an apartment for rent in Qatar?

apartment for rent in Qatar

Moving to a new country is an overwhelming process for most people. While the uncertainty of making new friends and starting a career in a new country unravels with time, there’s always a comfort in planning the accommodation.

If you are moving to Qatar, you will have plenty of choices. The Middle Eastern emirate offers several types of properties. You can easily find an apartment for rent in Qatar, provided you know how to proceed. FG Realty is a premium real estate broker that helps ex-pats find the best properties for rent in Qatar. Our service for over a decade has earned us several accolades, like the best real estate agency website Qatar 2022-2023. We understand that ex-pats have several queries regarding Qatar living apartments when they decide to move here.

This is why we created this post to let you know how long it can take to find an apartment for rent in Qatar.

Why move to Qatar?

Qatar is one of the best countries to migrate to. The oil-rich nation is home to a large ex-pat population, 88%, to be specific. Offering a high standard of living and all modern amenities, Qatar has opportunities in several sectors. The recently concluded FIFA World Cup 2022 opened the venues of Qatar to the world. It has gained the world’s attention as a destination to build a secure life with family.

The capital city, Doha, is where most of the population lives. Around 98% of the total population lives in the city. This is why there are furnished apartments for rent in Doha that ex-pats can find easily.

Now to answer the question, how long will it take to find an apartment for rent in Qatar? The answer depends on which mode of search you choose.

Using real estate agents

Real estate agents like FG Realty can accelerate your search for a property for rent. Whether you want an apartment or villa for rent in Qatar, real estate agents have several potential rental listings for you.

You can expect to find a flat for rent in Qatar using an agent within a week. As the agents are liaisons between the tenants and the landlords, they can expedite the process. Our agents are experienced, qualified professionals who help ex-pats find the best apartments for rent in Qatar and also help them with drawing up contracts and rental negotiations. We can help you find the most luxurious properties for rent in no time.

As an FG Realty customer, you will have access to the most exclusive properties in Qatar for rent. For instance, check out this villa for rent in Qatar.

A lovely four bedrooms villa for rent in Muraikh is ideal for families. It is located in a hub of restaurants, cafes, and other social amenities. The spacious bedrooms have all the amenities. This semi-furnished property has a dedicated parking space, gymnasium, open kitchen, pool, and functional hall.

It is one of the properties you can find with FG Realty for rent in Qatar. You will usually have to pay a service fee equivalent to two weeks’ rent for real estate agent services.

Rent privately

The next option to find an apartment for rent in Qatar is to do it on your own. Renting privately will save you paying the agent fee, but keep in mind that it can take up to several weeks to find furnished apartments for rent in Doha this way.

You can find the best private rentals in the classified sections of popular English newspapers in Qatar, the Gulf Times, and The Peninsula. You can also reach out to the apartment building management to find available flats for rent in Qatar. This approach will require investing time in making inquiries about available or upcoming properties for rent. Renting privately is a longer process. It will also mean that contract and rental negotiations regarding Qatar living apartments must be handled independently.

Requirements for renting properties in Qatar 

Whether you hire an agent to find an apartment for rent in Qatar or rent privately, you will have to provide the following documents:

  • A Qatar ID card
  • A copy of your passport
  • A salary certified testified by your employer

Also, all the contracts are drawn up in Arabic. But you are within your rights to ask for an English agreement. It is advisable to get the translation verified by a trusted partner as, in the legal system, only the Arabic version of the contract is binding. Most contracts for rental properties in Qatar are for a year and renewed annually. Your landlord must register the contract within 30 days of signing with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture.


Depending on your approach, finding a suitable apartment for rent in Qatar can take a week to several days. The safest mode is to hire a real estate agent service like FG Realty that can help you find the best-furnished apartments for rent in Doha and assist with rent negotiations and contracts.

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