The Ultra-rich way of managing your wealth⁠— tips to become wealthy


We all envy how the rich folks’ money grows multiple times while we’re stuck in the salary-expense cycle. We want to know their secret to increasing their net worth every year.

Well, the secret is that there’s no secret.

It’s not like the rich use a complex structure to grow their wealth. They follow the rules we all know but are unable to use.

The secret to growing wealth is not earning more; it is the mindset. Your habits around money make the difference.

Here are tips on how to manage your wealth like the wealthy:

Penny-pinch your expenses

The truly wealthy spend as little as possible on things that don’t matter. Wealthy people don’t have to show they are rich; everyone already knows. The rich hesitate to buy things they can afford, while the rest spend furiously with their credit cards.

Create a budget and never spend above it unless an emergency comes. This habit will help in building your future better.

Warren buffet has accumulated his wealth by staying away from expensive things. His motto is,” Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving”.

He still lives in the house he bought in 1958, wear average clothes and still uses discounts wherever possible.

Imagine what you would do if you had $116 billion.

Track your money

Do you really need that $300 jacket? Or you can use the money to build a better future for yourself where spending $300 on a jacket will not make any difference to you.

At the end of every month, our bank accounts are empty. We promise ourselves that we will spend wisely from next month.

As soon as our salary gets credited, we start spending as if the money supply will never end. The same cycle goes on and on. It happens even if you get a hike in your income.

We use the extra income to spend more, not to save more.

Tracking your expenses is an excellent way to know where you are wasting your money. Check your account statements regularly and categorize your expenses.

Note the amount you are spending on impulse buying.

When you know where you are wasting money, you will think twice before spending it again. Create a budget for every month. Keep 50% of the budget for essentials (food, bills, laundry, etc.). You will notice the difference in your account statement.

Stay invested

Warren Buffet became a billionaire at 56. It took him 45 years to earn his first billion from the day he started investing. He gained $115 billion in the next 36 years. That is the power of compounding and long-time investing.

The rich know there is no get-rich-quick scheme when you invest. The longer you stay invested, the more profits you gain.

The rich know 15% is a good return. The poor want more than double returns every year.

Every investor who earned millions on their investment stays invested even if the market is falling. They never panic sell.

They know there is no way to time the market. The best strategy is to invest in a company you believe in and stay invested for a prolonged period.

Diversification is necessary

” With fifteen to twenty good, uncorrelated return streams, you can dramatically reduce your risks without reducing your expected returns” – Ray Dalio.

The wealthy invest their money in the least co-related assets. They not only diversify their portfolio by investing in various asset classes like stocks, bonds, gold, etc.; they also invest in emerging economies, real estate and the newest addition in assets class⁠— Cryptocurrencies.

Gold and real estate will provide stability when the stock market goes down. Investing in developing countries can give better returns than the developed countries. It’s all about risk allocation. Diversifying does not give you more returns, but it sure reduces losses.

Secvolt offers such diversification. Secvolt’s quant-based system is not co-related to any other asset class. It relies on math.

The quant-based system analyses historical data from the last 40 years.

When the stock market falls, you will get positive returns.

When the value of real estate drops, you will get positive returns.

When the crypto market crashes, you will get positive returns.

No matter what happens in the world, you will get a minimum of 26% annual returns with Secvolt.

We have been successful in giving positive returns every year.

Our investors are increasing their net worth by investing with Secvolt. You can too.

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