Know the Benefits of Using an EMI Calculator for Home Loans

EMI calculator home loan

Last Updated on April 7, 2024 by Umer Malik

Home loans can help individuals fulfil their dream of buying a house. These are secured loans, with the house itself being collateral. You only need to repay the loan amount in the given time. Therefore, choosing an EMI plan that doesn’t become inimical for you is important.

Individuals should plan their EMIs before applying for a housing loan in India. Choosing a plan that exceeds your repayment capacity is not advised. With an online housing loan EMI calculator, applicants can plan before submitting the loan application. Read on to understand the pros of an EMI calculator before applying for a housing loan. 

What exactly is a housing loan EMI calculator?

An EMI calculator home loan is a digital tool used for planning the EMIs before submitting the loan application. Users can find an EMI calculator on the official website of Fullerton Grihashakti. It helps evaluate the entire process, from availing the loan to its full repayment. Besides knowing the per-month loan instalment, users can also know the total interest payable during the loan tenure.

Applicants can schedule EMI payments with the help of an EMI calculator. Before applying for a loan, one needs to assess the monthly income. An online EMI calculator tool comes with sliders to adjust the following entries: 

• The principal amount of the housing loan 

• The interest rate of the housing loan 

• Housing loan tenure 

Users can adjust the entries mentioned above while using an online EMI calculator. By adjusting the numbers, users can feed different housing loan amounts and decide what’s best for them. It makes the process easier and hassle-free. With an EMI calculator, applicants can decide on the right loan amount and tenure themselves. 

What are the pros of using a housing loan EMI calculator? 

Some crucial advantages of using a housing loan EMI calculator are as follows: 

Skip manual calculations 

Calculating EMI amounts manually for different principals is a challenging and time-taking task. Every time the principal amount, interest rate, and loan tenure change, one has to restart the calculation.

Why struggle with pen and paper when Fullerton Grihashakti offers an easy-to-use EMI calculator? Grihashakti is a Fullerton India home finance company that provides the best online EMI calculator. 

Do it yourself 

Applicants don’t have to contact an agent to discuss the EMI amounts. With a home loan EMI calculator, applicants can save time and plan the best possible housing loan. With this digital calculator, an applicant can decide on the right loan amount. 

Plan for a housing loan 

Before taking a housing loan, applicants should analyse their repayment capacity. Defaulting on home loans might cause penalty charges. Not to forget, the interest charges will also increase after missing repayments. In addition, an individual’s credit score also plummets after missing out on home loan EMIs.

It might affect the future loan applications of the individual, as they are marked as a defaulter. Therefore, it is necessary to make a proper plan for it.

Consider your monthly salary and select the right principal loan amount. The idea is to choose comfortable EMIs that don’t stress you out. An EMI calculator home loan can allow individuals to plan their EMIs without external support. 

Free to use 

The home loan EMI calculator available on Fullerton Grihashakti’s website is free. Users can enter as many combinations as they want and check the EMI amount for free. The sliders allow users to switch between principal amounts, interest rates, and loan tenures. Users can select the housing loan amount of up to INR 5 crores* on the calculator. Also, the repayment tenure can be adjusted between zero and thirty years. 


In this digital age, data security has also become a major concern. You would never want any website to manipulate your personal information slyly. With Fullerton Grihashakti, users don’t have to enter login credentials to use the EMI calculator which means it won’t store your personal details.

In a nutshell 

Applicants must plan for a housing loan in advance. A home loan EMI calculator can help applicants choose the right loan amount and tenure. If you are planning for your dream house, consider the online EMI calculator your true friend.

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