How to sell online? We need an e-commerce strategy

How to sell online? We need an e-commerce strategy
How to sell online? We need an e-commerce strategy

Last Updated on April 7, 2024 by Umer Malik

Being On Line and being there in a winning way! This must be the mantra of every entrepreneur who wants to sell online through electronic commerce .

The Web offers extraordinary sales opportunities . If you are not present online, you simply miss out on a huge slice of the market which will be attacked by one of your competitors .

This is the pure and simple truth!

And the only way to not miss out on this huge slice of potential turnover is to set up valid digital communication, promotion and sales tools .

This is also because it is imperative for every company to prepare a “plan B”  to deal with any imponderable unexpected event, as these last few months have amply demonstrated.

What happened with the Covid-19 emergency must never happen again, meaning that suddenly thousands of entrepreneurs found themselves without a voice and without the possibility of having contact with their market.

They just disappeared!

How to protect yourself from all this?

For example by preparing Tools for Electronic Commerce.

There are 4 fundamental aspects to analyze and manage:

  • technical structure
  • business organization
  • promotion
  • logistics

Approaching the Web can be scary, I realize. It’s normal. Indeed I would say that it is a healthy and necessary fear because it allows you to make well-considered and correct choices, given that there are so many variables at play .

Before moving online it is vital to have clear ideas.

To sell on the Web you need a precise strategy. Improvisation is dangerous!

It is necessary to Analyze, Simplify, Organize and Rationalize each step.

There are 3 key choices to make when opening a Digital Store :

  • the most suitable technical and technological choice .
  • That is, the choice of the Sales Platforms most suited to your specific Business needs. Platforms like Joomla , Virtue Mart , WordPress , Woocommerce , Magento
  • the choice of the best partners .
  • That is, the choice of the Bank to rely on for the management of payments and invoicing or the choice of the company to entrust your shipments to.
  • the choice of the most effective channels and tools for promotion and sales .
  • (From the most traditional to the most innovative such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality )

NFT and Coffee: Starbucks’ Web3 Marketing

Starbucks , the world’s largest coffee chain, says it is planning to expand its community by introducing a new NFT Collection . 

The road to Web3 continues to populate with examples of Innovative Marketing based on Blockchain . Increasingly, in fact, large global companies are using the NFT revolution to implement new Experiential Marketing Strategies and thus strengthen the link with their DarkComet community.

Even Starbucks takes up the challenging challenge of NFTs . Starbucks Chief Marketing Officer Brady Brewer and Director Adam Brotman want to create a global digital community centered around coffee, art and music .

NFTs, the company says, are mostly used for trading and speculation, but Starbucks plans to focus more on the utility NFTs offer people online. The Starbucks NFT Collection will in fact offer access and exclusive benefits to those who are part of the community .

Artists, innovators and brands who share the Starbucks approach and vision collaborate in the creation of these NFTs which, from time to time, will choose the themes to tell through Digital Art, drawing both on its historical heritage and touching on new sources of inspiration.

These are the words of Starbucks: “We believe that NFTs have ample potential to create an expanded shared ownership model for loyalty, the delivery of unique experiences, community building, storytelling and customer engagement. And, while doing so, they are also a source of business that can benefit a number of stakeholders in the process, creating a new type of digital ecosystem to complement Starbucks’ current digital platform offerings.”

The company has not yet pronounced itself on which Blockchain they will use for the purpose, but it is certain that their choice will fall on a sustainable business model from all points of view .

The challenge proposed by Starbucks is fascinating , that is, to create an artistic experience of simple use based on digital wallets that work for its 26.7 million members, managing to guarantee fun and attractiveness and, at the same time, a sufficient level of IT security to protect its users from incessant phishing attacks , as well as from any defects in the Smart Contracts that will regulate the entire process

Furthermore, the possibility of a new Web3 world created by Starbucks cannot be excluded , we’ll see!

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