How to Get on the First Page of Google?


When you have a website, or you have a service or a product, you want to be found on Google. Even if you have a specific niche online magazine, you’ll want your articles to appear as a result of a search. That’s why your website has to be eligible to appear in search engine results. Moreover, your goal should be to appear at the top, as there’s always a lot of competition. But, that’s not that easy or simple. It requires time, adequate SEO strategy and consistent effort. The best approach combines strategic planning, continuous optimization, and following the best practices. Let’s see which strategic steps you can take to slowly but surely get to the top.

Start with research

When we’re talking about ways to appear first on Google, whether through organic or paid, it all revolves around keywords. Keywords are then followed by search intent and it all has to fit nicely and match. But, when we’re talking about the cornerstone of any successful SEO strategy., we’re talking about keywords. You need to do your research to identify the right keywords. Your target audience will look for these and similar variations of Google. For the best results, you can use Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs to discover the right keywords and learn about their difficulty.

Move to on-page optimisation

Now that you know which keywords to target, it’s time to move to optimising specific pages. These steps are necessary, so Google crawlers will go through your website and validate your website as relevant. The most important elements to focus on are title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and URL structures. Ensure your primary keywords are included within title tags. Focus on writing compelling meta descriptions, and make them as informative as possible. For the best content structuring strategies, implement header tags H1, H2, H3. All of these elements will make it easier for search engines to understand your website.

Ensure the highest website speed

When you start working on website optimisation, you’ll notice different areas of improvement. Your website has to be equally competitive, no matter where your business is physically located. For example, businesses in Australia are aware of competitiveness in their niche, so they team up with SEO Services Sydney to ensure the website performs well after all of the on-page implementations.

Tools like Google PageSpeed Insights will point you to the areas you need to improve to speed up your website. From image optimisation to lazy loading, and browser caching, all of these can be solved with the assistance of an SEO agency. The goal is to have a website that provides a better user experience. When your website loads fast, it can significantly boost your SEO efforts.

Invest time and effort into creating the right type of content

We all use Google to get useful information or to find a service or a product that solves our problems. Google values content that is informative and valuable. So if your content is one of a kind, valuable, informative, and engaging, it will be a good signal for Google to rank it higher.

Your goal should always be to create comprehensive articles, blog posts, and resources that address the needs and questions of your audience. This is where your previous keyword research will come in handy as you should add relevant keywords to the article. Make sure these keywords are relevant to the topic and placed naturally.

The mobile version matters more than any other

The majority of your traffic will come from a mobile device and that’s without any surprise as we’re all glued to our phones. Some websites may get half of the traffic from a desktop device, but most of the time, mobile devices will lead. Additionally, Google uses mobile-first indexing, meaning it predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Always test if your website is equally accessible on a mobile and a desktop to ensure smooth operations. Also, test to see if all elements are equally accessible on a mobile version of your website.

Schema markup

When you work with an SEO agency, they will cover every aspect of search engine optimisation. They will suggest using something known as a schema markup. This addition to your website is a small file that enhances your search result listings with rich snippets. This will give users additional pieces of information that are beneficial for improving your click-through rate.


Backlinks are not that and they are equally important as any other aspect of search engine optimisation. The key here is to get backlinks that will boost your authority, not just any links. Links from other websites leading to your website are seen as votes of confidence from other websites. Focus on building high-quality backlinks from reputable sites in your industry.

Paid advertising

Another equally useful marketing tactic to get on top position on Google is paid advertising. Moreover, if you want to capitalise on both organic and paid, you’ll use both paid and SEO. Both of these tactics can help you get to your ideal customer and get your revenue up. Some may argue that how paid offers fast results while SEO is better in the long term. In reality, they work perfectly together so use every tactic available to you to get your business in front of people.

Fix your user experience

When working on your website, you must remind yourself that it exists to serve your target audience. Therefore, it has to be user-intuitive and user-friendly. When your website is easy to navigate and informative, people will spend more time on it. A lower bounce rate is favoured by Google as it is a sign that your website is valuable, so it will get a boost in search engine results.

Each one of these steps will build your path to the top of the Google Search engine results page. It’s quite a challenge, there’s a lot of competition and you’ll have to invest a lot of time into achieving this goal. The good thing is – it’s an achievable goal so strat right away.

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