How To Design A 3D Signage For Your Business


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Whether it is your small or large startup in Melbourne, the top priority of every business owner should be the 3d signage. Designing the right signage for your company is very effective for promoting your services and products. Both interior and outdoor displays matter the most as they reflect the reliability of your brand.

However, designing 3d signage in Melbourne can be a little challenging. But an artist will help you with many effective approaches to design the most suitable 3D signage for your business.

Moreover, we are also guiding you with some tips for designing 3d signage. Keep reading the article to learn about them.

Right Tips For Designing 3D Signage That Suits Your Business

Decide The Style Of 3D Signage Your Business Needs

This must be the first consideration to design the outdoor 3d signage in Melbourne as it is a key to attract huge customer traffic. There are some top options you can consider:

  • Fascia signs
  • Blade signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Pole signs
  • Awning signs

Fascia 3D Signage: The most common signage which consists of letters and is usually installed on a front portion of the building just above its main entrance.

Blade 3D Signage: This is hung perpendicularly to the front side of the building. It is best to place the signage in this position so that people can see it easily from distant places.

Monument 3D Signage: This signage has a monument-like structure and builds on the ground near the roads. It’s the best design option for industrial organizations whose setup is far from the street. People can easily spot them.

Pylon 3D Signage: Typically, it’s in a tower-like shape that consists of the logos’ of different businesses. This Signage is particularly used in malls, plazas, etc. where there are multiple brands.

Pole 3D Signage: As name implies, this 3d signage is placed on top of the poles. You can prefer it for your big food restaurants or a business near busy highways, streets, and roads.

Awning 3D Signage: Generally, it is a printed design on fabric and installed on the metal frame. It serves a dual role- protecting windows sills from the rain and being your brand sign. Additionally, you can lit them using the spotlights.

After selecting a particular 3D Signage style, a mural artist will analyze it as different types of 3d signages have different designing methods. For instance, if you’re designing pole 3d signage, an artist will ensure enough contrast of letters. People will be able to read it even in bright daylight.

Know How The 3D Signage Is Constructed

Once you hire a mural artist, discuss the construction of the 3d signage in a precise manner. An expert will help you customize the most pleasing design for your business. Make sure, the designs match the styles of construction such as:

  • Lightbox signs
  • Cut letter signs
  • Laser-cut signs
  • Channel letter signs
  • Neon signs

Lightbox Signs: The most common sign, consists of a predesigned box with many light bulbs inside. The letters or words are printed on a white plastic sheet known as white acrylic.

Cut Letter Signs: It includes individual letters engraved directly on the large walls or backing boards. The letters are made up of plastic, wood, and several different elements. These signages do not shine.

Laser-Cut signs: Actually, they are highly computer cut shapes made using metal. For constructing it, a laser process is used which cuts the complete shape of a specific letter leaving no sharp edges. Furthermore, a high-quality coat of paints is applied to each letter to prevent oxidation, thus, increasing their durability.

Channel Letters Signs: The numbers or letters it consists of are in 3D and made up of an aluminum sheet. The fonts of each letter are translucent and are lit internally. These are perfect for highlighting your brand names at night.

Neon Signs: It consists of glass tubes that contain neon or any other gases. The letters or shapes glow in different colors just as the electric current passes through them. These signs are a great trend for elegant cafes and restaurants.

Select The Material For Printing The Design

The material on which designs are printed makes a great impact on their effectiveness. Keep this into consideration that every 3d signage requires different material so, choose accordingly.

Here are the top best materials:

Aluminum: It is among the best materials for outdoor 3d signage because of its high durability. It can withstand the sunlight and all the weather conditions.

Acrylic: This material is suitable for both outdoor and indoor purposes as it is prepared using tough plastic. It is especially durable and weather-resistant, even in the harsh summer and winter. Typically, the denser an acrylic material, the more effective it will be.

Coloplast: This is a lightweight and cost-efficient material that is most suitable for exterior displays. It is extremely waterproof and resists the harshest weather conditions like heavy rain, high temperature, etc.

Measure An Available Space For 3D Signage

A mural artist will guide you in measuring the right space for your 3d signage. For instance, for the lightbox signage, the letters or shapes are printed in the complete space. However, for the channel letters, neon signs, and cut letter signages, there is no need to design them according to available size. Instead, an artist will measure height and width up to which it can be done gracefully.

Be Attentive To The Borders Of The 3D Signage

Borders play a significant role in improving the visibility of 3d signage. They highlight the appearance of the designs in a graceful manner. Thus, it naturally contributes helping people read the letters quickly and easily.

Summing Up

The main function of the 3d signage is to navigate the people to the business. The elegant designs will highlight your business name from distant places and attract more customers to your services.

So, take guidance from the mural artist, and make your business stand out. The higher the visibility of your 3d signage, the more the viewers will recognize it.

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