A Detailed Guide About The Different Types of Motorcycles

Types of Motorcycles

Motorcycles are vehicles that have two or three wheels. Most motorcycles have an internal combustion engine powering the rear wheel with a manual transmission, while some models have an electric motor. There are many different types of motorcycles on the market, from cruisers to sports bikes. If you’re looking for a new motorcycle, it’s important to decide which type is best suited to your needs. Speak with a trusted dealer to learn more about the different types of motorcycles available and find the one that’s right for you.

Different Types of Motorcycles

A quick look at some of the most common types follows:

1. Sports bikes

Sports bikes are built for speed and handling, with tight suspension and powerful engines. They can be ridden on the track or on the street, making them versatile options for riders of all levels. Sport motorcycles are light and have a shorter wheelbase, making them excellent for driving quickly around corners. Sport motorcycles also have higher handlebars to allow better control of the vehicle. Sport bikes are designed for speed and performance. They typically have a lightweight frame, high-powered engine, and short wheelbase. This makes them ideal for riding on smooth roads and racetracks.

2. Dual-sport bikes

Another type of motorcycle is the dual-sport. Dual sports are designed for on and off-road driving with knobby tires or suspension that can handle both surfaces. Dual-sport bikes are designed for both on and off-road use. They typically have high ground clearance, long-travel suspension, and powerful engines, allowing them to handle a variety of terrain.

3. Off-road motorcycles

Off-road motorcycles are light, maneuverable, and designed to take on dirt trails. They often have knobby tires, suspension travel, high ground clearance, and an upright seating position. Off-road bikes are designed for riding on unpaved surfaces. They have a rugged frame, high ground clearance, and long-travel suspension. This makes them perfect for exploring trails and off-road areas.

4. Hypermotard models

Hypermotard models are built for racing with features like extremely long suspension travel, large fuel tanks for endurance circuits, no mufflers to save weight, and powerful engines that can reach speeds of nearly 200 mph. These bikes are not street legal.

5. Scooters

Scooters are small motorcycles with step-through frames that seat two people in a tandem arrangement. Many have automatic transmissions to allow easier riding. Scooter riders do not need a motorcycle license or endorsement to operate one in most states.

6. Cruisers

Cruisers have low handlebars with relatively high seat height. Cruiser is designed for a comfortable riding position, which they achieve by placing the footpegs far out in front of the seat and having a long wheelbase to make room for storage space underneath the seat. Cruisers are characterized by their upright seating position and forward-mounted controls. They often have large engines and saddlebags and are designed for long-distance riding. Cruisers are known for their comfortable riding position and low price tag. They are perfect for cruising around town or on long road trips.

7. Touring motorcycles

Touring motorcycles are designed for convenience and long-distance travel, so they typically feature large engine displacement, storage space for luggage, fairings to keep the wind out, and comfortable seats. Touring bikes are built for riders who want to cover large distances quickly and comfortably. They feature a large fuel tank, spacious saddlebags, and a windscreen that protects the rider from the elements.

8. Custom-built motorcycles

There are also many custom-built motorcycles, such as choppers and cafe racers. Choppers are custom motorcycles that have been heavily modified, often with a very long front end and low seat. Cafe racers are sporty motorcycles that resemble the racing bikes of the 1950s, but with a more comfortable seating position.

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9. Electric motorcycles

Motorcycles with an electric motor are called electric motorcycles, but they cannot be classified in any of the previous categories because there is no internal combustion engine. Electric motorcycles are becoming more and more popular as the technology continues to improve. There are a few different types of electric motorcycles, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Standard electric motorcycle

The standard electric motorcycle is a type of motorcycle that runs on electricity rather than gasoline or diesel. It is becoming increasingly popular among riders looking for a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional gas-powered bikes. Here are some of the key features and benefits of standard electric motorcycles:


  • Electric motor: The electric motor is the heart of the electric motorcycle, providing instant torque and acceleration.
  • Battery: The battery is the power source for the electric motor, and it can be charged using a standard electrical outlet.
  • Lightweight: Electric motorcycles are generally lighter than gas-powered ones, making them more maneuverable and easier to handle.


  • Cost-effective: Electric motorcycles are cheaper to operate and maintain than gas-powered motorcycles, as electricity is cheaper than gasoline, and there are fewer moving parts to maintain.
  • Eco-friendly: Electric motorcycles produce zero emissions, making them an environmentally friendly choice for riders concerned about their carbon footprint.
  • Quiet: Electric motorcycles are much quieter than gas-powered ones, making them a great choice for riders who live in noise-sensitive areas or want a more peaceful riding experience.

The standard electric motorcycle is a viable and increasingly popular alternative to gas-powered motorcycles.

The first type is the standard electric motorcycle. These bikes have a battery pack that powers an electric motor. They usually have a range of around 50 miles and can reach speeds of up to 50 mph. They are a good option for people who want a simple, easy-to-use bike.

Electric motorcycle with a range extender

The second type is the electric motorcycle with a range extender. These bikes have a small gasoline engine that charges the battery pack. This allows them to have a range of around 150 miles and a top speed of around 75 mph. They are a good option for people who need more range or higher speeds.

Electric motorcycle with a turbine generator

The third type is the electric motorcycle with a turbine generator. These bikes have a small gas turbine engine that charges the battery pack. This allows them to have a range of around 300 miles and a top speed of around 100 mph. They are a good option people who need more range or higher speeds.

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