Why Do We Use Cardboard For Packaging?

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What is the most important thing in an ecommerce business apart from good quality products? The answer is the packaging materials used for packing the products. A good ecommerce business not only provides its customers with the best quality products but it also gives them an amazing unboxing experience. So, packaging has a major role to play in the business. You must have seen that most of the products that you receive are packed in cardboard storage boxes. Have you ever wondered why cardboard boxes are used for packaging? Well, there are several reasons for using cardboard for packaging. They have a lot of benefits not only for the products but also for the consumers.

While shipping your products, ecommerce business owners’ main intention is to keep the items protected during transit. So this is one of the reasons why cardboard is used for packaging. Many business owners in fact get cardboard boxes from cardboard box suppliers. Packaging Midlands is an online wholesale store in the UK that provides you with a wide variety of cardboard boxes and other packaging materials.

Let us now look at some of the reasons why we use cardboard for packing products.

Cardboard is versatile in nature

If we use our creativity, cardboard can be given different shapes and sizes according to the shape and size of the product. These days many advanced designs are available. With the help of those designs we can use cardboard for multiple purposes and can give different forms to it. These days different brands are coming up with innovative ideas for using the cardboards for their products. For example some clothing brands are packing their clothes in cardboard packaging that can be further transferred into hangers for clothes. This further shows that cardboards are reusable and can be used in different ways. Because of the versatility of these packaging materials, they are suitable for packing and shipping products.

Cardboard packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly

Cardboard packaging, apart from being versatile, are eco-friendly and recyclable. It is beneficial for the business owners, consumers and the environment. The consumers can use these cardboard storage boxes for different purposes. Many packaging suppliers these days are providing eco-friendly corrugated cardboard boxes. They are strong, durable and protect the products from damage; also they are recyclable, so in a way they also protect the environment.

Cardboard packaging is ideal for branding

Custom packaging is on trend these days. And cardboard packaging can be easily customised. You can give different colours and sizes to them. In fact you can print your brand’s name, logo or motif on it. You can easily print and paint cardboard storage boxes. This gives an attractive look, benefits to your business and amazing unboxing experiences to your customers. A coloured and printed cardboard box with your brand’s name and logo becomes the identity for your business. People start to recognise your brand, firstly with your products and then with your packaging materials. So it is always better to use attractive custom cardboard packaging for your products and for your brand.

Cardboard packaging is pocket-friendly

Cardboard packaging is affordable. If we compare the price of the cardboard packaging with other packaging materials, we will see that cardboard packaging costs less than the other packaging products. In Particular, corrugated cardboard storage boxes are available at a cheap price. There are a lot of benefits that we get from corrugated cardboard boxes. They are suitable for both bulky and lightweight items. They are either single wall or double wall or triple wall cardboard boxes. They keep the products safe from dust, dirt, UV rays and other external damage. They are reusable and recyclable. This means once it is purchased, it can be used for a longer period of time. This further means that it is durable. Hence this proves that cardboard packaging is cost effective.

Cardboard packaging reduce transportation cost

Cardboard packaging, such as cardboard storage boxes, are lightweight in nature. It makes the process of transportation easier and faster. This means that not much fuel is used during transporting the products in cardboard packaging boxes. So this automatically leads to low cost in transportation. So these strong, sturdy, reliable and recyclable cardboard packaging boxes not only keep your products safe but they also help you in saving a lot of money.

Summing Up

These are some of the important benefits of cardboard storage boxes that you can get if you use these packaging materials. We always need to think not only about our own benefits but also the benefits of others and of the environment as well. So if you are an ecommerce business owner, you should definitely use cardboard packaging for the benefit of all the people and the environment.

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