What Are The Best App Marketing Strategies?


The app market in the U.K. is currently worth over 19 billion dollars. So, you’ll need to be creative when trying to ensure your app sticks out from the rest of the crowd.

But, you might be confused when it comes to picking marketing methods that really set you apart.

We can help. Let’s go through the top app marketing strategies you need today.

App Store Optimisation

People need to actually be able to find your app in the app store, right? That’s where app store optimisation comes in. Make sure that your title and description make sense, and have relevant keywords that people might be searching for.

You’ll need to take these measures for any app store your app is featured on – so, both iOS and Android, ideally.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on metrics. These are slightly different than for SEO. You’ll need to watch the uninstall rates carefully, for example.

Do Your Research

When you’re considering digital marketing for your apps, you’ll also need to know who you’re targeting with your marketing. That’s why doing market research is so important.

See who your existing audience is, and who out there might be in need of your product. You can use social media metrics to see what hits you’re already getting on your social media.

You can also look into overall marketing strategies if you have a bigger business that your app is just a small part of. You can look into ways to promote your business online, which will help your app catch on.

Make Supporting Content For Your App

Using other content to draw attention to your app is a great way to get more viral content.

You can make social videos that are related to your app but aren’t directly advertisements. Using different memes or viral videos as a basis is a good way to get inspiration for these edits.

You can also create a blog. This blog can talk about topics that are related to your app, so that you’ll have the opportunity to link back to it.

Be Creative With Your App Marketing

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to digital marking ideas. The more creative your idea is, the more likely it is to go viral.

And, if you go viral, you’ll have more app downloads than you’ll even know what to do with. If you’re stuck on ideas, talk to an advertising agency and see what they come up with.

Ask your colleagues and see if they know of any particularly experimental agencies out there that might have some more unusual ideas than the average group of suits.

Try Out These App Marketing Strategies Today

There are lots of different App Marketing Strategies out there, so you’ll just have to experiment and figure out what works for your need.

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