The Pros and Cons of Cardboard Packaging Business


The most common packaging boxes that you see around are cardboard boxes. Everyone is familiar with them. From moving houses to getting large shipments, these boxes are on display everywhere. There must be a lot of reasons why they are so much in use. Yes, there are many reasons. However, there are also some cons of cardboard packing boxes wholesale.

Pros of Cardboard Boxes

Most companies use cheap cardboard boxes because of their multiple pros. Also, printing on cardboard boxes is very easy. They are quite good for most items so they are in extensive use.


Paper pulp is used for making cardboard boxes. It is a renewable source of energy as the pulp comes from pine trees. This is why most people buy these boxes. Nowadays, there is a revolution going on about saving the environment and people are doing the best that they can to use renewable resources.

Light Weight

Another feature of these boxes is that they are lightweight. This makes handling them much easier. If you are going to use them for business, you would find that loading and unloading cardboard boxes is much easier than most other materials. Handling of lightweight cardboard boxes is convenient so it makes the job easier.


As mentioned above, people are trying to go for recyclable things these days as they can be used over and over again. If you are using cardboard boxes for business, you are giving your customers the opportunity to use the boxes again. For example, if you get your delivery in printed cardboard boxes, you can use the same boxes for putting away your seasonal clothes or for moving houses.


It is a huge nuisance when you are working with a material that cannot be collapsed, such as plastic. The packaging takes up a lot of room and you might have to get a separate space for it. This is not the case with cardboard boxes. They can be easily collapsed and stacked on top of each other. So, they do not take up a lot of space and a lot of them can be stored easily.


Cardboard boxes can be customized in different ways such as by making cardboard boxes with handles and small round cardboard boxes for lids.

Cons of Cardboard Boxes

Now that we have mentioned the pros, let us look at the cons too. These boxes are not always the best choice for packaging for your business.

Not Weather-Resistant

If you need to ship your products and they could be exposed to severe weather conditions, then these boxes are not the best choice. They do not stand a chance again of rain or humidity. Cardboard boxes are ruined by all liquids, especially water so they are not weatherproof.


If there is excessive pressure on the boxes, they tend to get deformed. You can only stack a few boxes on top of one. If the weight is too much, the box at the bottom would be deformed. This is why when they are shipped, they take up more space. Corrugated boxes are also a type of cardboard box but they are a little sturdier.

Only for Light Things

You cannot use cardboard boxes for packaging of heavy objects. As they are made of paper pulp, they can only support a certain amount of weight. If your business deals in heavy electronics or gardening devices, you would have to go for another packaging material as cardboard is not suitable for your items. Also, if you put heavy items in the boxes, they could get damaged during shipping.

Should You Get Cardboard Boxes Wholesale for Business?

The decision of getting cardboard boxes is totally up to the demands of your items. If you do not have to ship your products across the border and the products are light in weight, you should definitely go for these boxes. Not only are they cheap but they are also easy to find as all manufacturers deal in them. On the other hand, if you sell heavier objects and you need the packaging to be weatherproof, you should look at other options.

Where can I buy Packaging Boxes?

You can contact the companies selling boxes wholesale and you will find a great deal with them. Nowadays, doing this is much easier as you can find the companies online and even get the final quote online. This gives you an opportunity to explore different cardboard boxes for sale in your area. Just make sure that you get the best type of packaging so that you do not regret it later during the shipping process.

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