How to create and position videos for your marketing plan


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How to create and position videos for your marketing plan

Videos are an excellent marketing tool, and we tell you the secrets to achieving an effective campaign. 

If you work in marketing, you have indeed thought about how to integrate video into your advertising and marketing efforts. You have already passed the work of choosing the right social network, posting at a specific time, and creating SEO content, but what about video marketing? Do not stay behind the rest of the companies because the video has become an imposing way of selling and attracting new customers.

It is not an easy step because making videos does not come naturally, and not everyone has the same skills for multimedia marketing. However, if you want to grow your marketing campaign or your own advertising company, you must do so.

Here are the steps to take to create and position your marketing videos:

1.      Planning 

Planning is part of every successful process, so it’s no different when creating and shooting videos. This first step will determine what tools you need, what budget exists, and what are the critical dates. Start by marking the objectives and goals in terms of numbers you want to achieve in each campaign phase. For example, many companies have more success creating 10 videos instead of just 1, as they have the opportunity to launch them at various times, and they are easy to share on social networks.

Also, plan how long you want your videos to be, as the recording and editing depend on it. Also, organize when and with what message you will launch the videos—if it will be on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook—because the audiences vary in each social network. It also has plans for the future because you save more money by recording all the videos at once, so they won’t be used until months later. Of course, you should also know what topics your videos will deal with, what the message is, what you want the audience to think, and other relevant questions.

2.      Recording 

The best way to break into the world of video marketing is to start with short videos. Those long videos take a long time to produce and often bore social media audiences. Consider recording videos of 1 minute, a minute and a half, or even less. The videos are usually only seen for the first 30 seconds. Few see videos of more than a minute and a half. Still, creating short videos is much more efficient and affordable since the recording and editing budget are reduced simultaneously.

Have a list of tools to record better quality videos, editing applications, lighting, costumes, etc. Choose one day to shoot all the videos, so you don’t have to pay for space, equipment, or actors for a long time.

3.      Editing 

This is a critical point, but it doesn’t have to be too long or complicated. The truth is that when the videos are short, editing is usually achieved in a single day. What must be taken into account is that the video quality is the same on the web page viewed from a mobile or a computer and that it can be uploaded to social networks. The video must include things like the company logo, the call to action, and large and clear letters that do not distract from the content of the video.

4.      Upload to social networks

Whether on YouTube or other social networks, the truth is that you have to have a clear strategy. The video’s title, the accompanying post, the description on specific social networks, and the comments must be kept in mind. Good companies often respond to constructive feedback.

5.      Analysis of results

If you want to use your video to increase traffic to your website or that of your client, or if you want to get more clients for one of your products, the results are a vital part of video marketing. You can use certain tools like Google Analytics or Hootsuite to create goals and collect data. Include views, shares, etc., in your report, as this is vital information.

Do not wait any longer to enter the world of video because your company and your marketing efforts can achieve it if they follow these steps.

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