6 Best Laptop Brands You Can Go for in 2023


Laptops are not a fanciful purchase or luxurious choice anymore. They are now considered essential gadgets as they have become an integral part of our modern lives and play as important a role as the mobile phone. Selecting a device from the best laptop brands has become even more crucial than ever. Whether you are planning to purchase the best laptop under 50000 or a gaming laptop, you must be aware of the top laptop brands in India before sealing the deal.

On this note, let’s take a look at the six reputed laptop manufacturers that are leading India’s thriving computer market: 

Best Laptop Brands #1: HP

According to the recent report of 2022, HP scored the number one position for being the most popular laptop company in India. The HP label has been synonymous with buyers looking for branded laptops in India for a long time, and its Pavilion series devices have dominated the market in terms of shipment and popularity. The manufacturer divided its offerings into three categories; Home, Business and Gaming. 

  • The Home category offers laptops under different series names, such as HP Essentials, Chromebook, Spectre, Envy and Pavilion. 
  • The Business category offers laptops under HP Essentials, EliteBook, ZBook and Chromebook series. 
  • The Gaming category bestows its offerings under the series names; Pavilion Gaming, OMEN and Victus. 

It is safe to confirm that the American brand enjoys a massive loyal user base and is one of the best laptop brands in India.

Best Laptop Brands #2: DELL

The next entry on the list is another fantastic American company and a long-time rival of HP, Dell, which also acquired a huge fan following and massive reputation in India over the past several years. The brand, with its reliable and cost-effective Inspiron range of laptops, gained the trust of Indian buyers and also topped it with fantastic after-sales service. 

Dell offers high-performance and premium business user systems under the iconic XPS series. Its most sought-after laptops for the ultimate performance come under the Alienware sub-brand. With a market share of almost 20 percent, Dell retains one of the top positions for best laptop brands in India.

Best Laptop Brands #3: ASUS

ASUS is a Taiwanese brand, and its gamer-centric offerings under the Republic of Gamers (ROG) helped it to climb the popularity chart. The ROG brand gained so much popularity that ASUS even leveraged the brand name by introducing performance-oriented smartphones with the same name. It has been offering laptops with a standard design paired with RGB LED lighting for the gaming segment. You can also grab the best laptop under 50,000 from their hugely popular VivoBook and ZenBook line of products. 

Best Laptop Brands #4: Lenovo

The next entry on the list of best laptop brands is the technology giant Lenovo which ruled the Indian market by offering amazing cost-effective laptops under the ThinkPad range. Through its Yoga range, which includes hybrid and convertible laptops, Lenovo was able to gain the attention of the tech community while increasing its market share in India.

Best Laptop Brands #5: Acer

Another Taiwanese brand Acer gained the trust of Indian buyers by offering amazing value for money and overall performers under the Aspire, Swift and Spin series name. Acer got the slim body laptops’ popularity in India to a whole new level by offering attractive and reliable products under the Swift range, whereas it made convertible laptops mainstream with its Spin range. Acer’s Predator and Nitro series laptops are extremely popular among the gamer community.

Best Laptop Brands #6: Xiaomi

The new kid on the block is the final entry on the list of best laptop brands. Xiaomi is a new and small player compared to the others on this list, yet, that has not stopped the manufacturer from presenting incredible value-for-money laptops. Xiaomi offers good hardware configuration and minimalist design (inspired by Apple) within an affordable price range with its RedmiBook range of laptops in India.

Purchasing the best laptop under 50,000 or investing in a premium-range laptop requires you to be clear about your needs on multiple fronts, like what kind of CPU the system comes with, the RAM it offers, GPU specification, Display type, etc. In spite of considering all these technical aspects to look for in a laptop, you also need to be aware of the best laptop brands.

Always opt for the brands that have built a reputation for offering reliable and durable products; fortunately, we have covered them in the above list. Before finalising your purchase, you just have to check the availability of the brand’s service centre in your city or region so that you can get timely assistance in case your product runs into any issues.

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