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Meeting Room

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Decided to change the outdated environment in the conference room? Or did the office finally have a place to organize a separate meeting room? It does not matter for what reason you ask yourself this question – you have a unique opportunity to equip the meeting room with the latest business etiquette, thereby contributing to the development of relationships with partners.

Classic or modern

To begin with, decide in what style the negotiation zone will be executed. The classic style involves the use of expensive furniture and soft leather chairs over a large area. In such a room, everything speaks of the solidity and reliability of the inviting party, comfortable conditions for communication are created. Modern style is less pretentious. The space may not be so large, and in some cases it may simply be separated from the rest of the working area by special partitions. The interior is selected taking into account the need for rapid deployment – chairs and tables can be modular, easily stacked. This approach allows you to adjust the number of seats.

Color and light

Psychologists have long identified a color scheme that has a positive effect on the course of events. For example, warm colors will create a working atmosphere, shades of brown will increase performance discipline, blue will help focus, and yellow and orange will add creativity to the conversation.Don’t disregard almost the capacity of the color palette to impact adversely.So, purple and black have a “pressing” effect on the psyche, and pink is unnecessarily relaxing. In the meeting room, it is desirable to provide wide window openings – for constructive work, natural sunlight is preferable to artificial lighting.


A great variety of tabletop shapes, as well as modular blocks, allow you to show your imagination and effectively use the square meters of the meeting room. The table can be rectangular, as well as lined up in the form of the letters “T”, “P” or in any other arbitrary shape. Experts in the field of psychology strongly recommend using round tables for negotiations – this will emphasize the equality of all participants in the conversation. The distance to the wall must remain at least one meter, between the seats – 70 centimeters. The type of chairs should directly correspond to the general arrangement of the room – both metal chairs are inappropriate behind a luxurious solid wood tabletop, and leather chairs are useless at a lightweight table. Do not overdo it with shelving, cabinets, storage systems – there should be a minimum of them.

If your company has enough funds and space, you can create several rooms for certain types of negotiations. The general spacious auditorium, made in a laconic style, is suitable for meetings of any level. An exclusive VIP meeting room next to the manager’s office is small, with luxury furniture and paintings, especially for informal conversations with special guests. The corporate meeting room is a spacious meeting room for employees to meet with the boss, which can also serve as a relaxation room.Dua for studying.  At your doorstep.

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