What Advantages Can Digital Totem Stands Offer?

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Signage Totems can be managed effortlessly and remotely with minimal effort. They are tested for continuous operation; they can handle large temperature fluctuations and shine with a particular brightness.

Ad-pillars’ posters are prone to unattractive “wrinkles” or are ripped off. This doesn’t happen as fast to a vandalism-proof pillar.

What Is Digital Signage Totem Or Stand?

The freestanding totem display also known as a digital pillar, a term we use to refer to digital signage systems where the media player and display make up a unit.

There are two kinds of stelae, outdoor and indoor ones. Steles generally stand on the edge as they draw attention to themselves.

Remote Administration

Content is updated quickly through the web-based CMS. If there is an issue, the column is able to be managed and maintained through the control central.

Multiple Uses

It is possible to use mobile pillars to promote various events. Printing outdated information as regards content or longer fits with the current advertising concept.

Digital toys are more affordable over the long run because they last for a longer lifespan and are used for a longer period of time.

Longer-Lasting Content

Posters can develop ugly “wrinkles’ ‘ when it’s raining or are able to be destroy. It’s not as easy to a totem specifically design to protect against vandalism.

Public Image

Displays that are well cannot be miss. Information such as news, announcements, or other messages will be display in stunning quality. It doesn’t matter if it’s during the day or in the evening. Totems are modern and present an image that is contemporary.

Flexibly Respond To Various Targets

The content you play out is schedule according to the time of day for various audiences. It is based on the time of day or the day of the day.

It is also possible to play out spontaneously. This allows for spontaneous recordings and there’s nothing against individualised advertising.

It Can Be Used As Self-Service Solutions

Spend less time, save money, and help your employees relax with the help of an interactive style. Visitors and guests can access their own service or access information.

Where Can Signage Totems Be Employed?

Digital free standing totem displays typically employed as “public displays” in airports, train stations and city centres. They also work for information displays or as eye-catchers during trade shows, in company buildings, as well as at hotels and hospitals.

Exhibitors And Trade Show Operators

Provide your guests with an overview and clearness. Explain the company that exhibits at the trade show in the hall. Allow visitors to search through interactive objects or show the directions to your booth.

Additionally it is possible to print out or download to a mobile phone using Bluetooth. Show yourself as a creative and innovative business. With a captivating video and contemporary advertising you’ll be an attraction for the crowd scaffold banners.


Promoting in partnership with local retailers and service suppliers. Offer tourists interested in the sights with digital exhibits immediately with directions. Give suggestions for activities to take in and “must-see” tourist attractions.

Party And Culture Organisers

Customers who are interested can purchase tickets to concerts and print them on an interactive terminal after the hours of operation.

Bring more attention to your events by incorporating animations and videos. Digital signage marketing means you don’t have to fret about events that have expire. They will be go in a flash in contrast to traditional totems.

The Premises Of The Company

Access control can be control. Security guards and gatekeepers will be content and can lower expenses. Guard your building and your personal data from loss.

Inform employees of instructions for work and resolutions. Also, help visitors find their way to the building.

Receptions In The Hotel

Let your guests know the latest happenings and what’s happening. Allow them to explore the space as well as the various options for entertainment and leisure.

Offer rating opportunities to keep your service and your brand’s reputation up by giving frequent feedback. Also, you can offer self-service check-in to the hotel in order to cut down waiting times.

Train Stations And Airports

An information terminal can automate baggage check-in and check-in for luggage. Display ads specifically designed for people who work on weekdays as well as ads for families during weekends.


With an interactive stele people fill out forms for license plates for vehicles for instance. Digital call systems may also be integrate. Help make waiting time more enjoyable by providing tips and entertainment.

Buy A Freestanding Totem Display Stand With Custom-Designed Designs

If you’re looking to showcase products in the most stunning manner it will help you get there with the robust and fashionable totem display stands.

The sleek and freestanding display stands are great to display all kinds of items in your home in an impressive manner.

The high-quality of these totem display stands is sturdy and constructed of top raw materials that will ensure lasting performances and stability. They are easy to get together and can be easily move from one spot to the next.

The distinctive and sturdy totem display stands available on the website are not only tough in design, but they are also attractive visually and large enough to show a wide range of things in one space.

The totem display stands are easy to installation. They are also equip with compression loads that allow them to stand up to any weight you can put on them. You can also modify the shelves and the hooks on the display stand to suit your preferences and they are multi-purpose.

The display stands for totems are of all kinds of strong materials, including stainless steel and white acrylic, hardware wood, metal wire cardboard, and other things.

The display stands come with powder-coat surfaces and is able to be totally customise with regards to designs.

Ten Ways To Utilise Digital Representations For 10 Plus Years

Be Noticed And Feel The WOW Impact

Bold and bright, the head-level totem designs always stand out, enticed by passersby to stop to look around.

If you’re looking for a distinctive vibrant, high-tech, and lively atmosphere it could be the thing you’re looking for. It’s a place that is full of colours, sights, sounds and smells that you’ve never seen anywhere else in the world.

Inform And Entertain Your Audience

The digital canvas provides the appropriate content to educate and entertain. Current promotional events, navigation and live feeds from social media Feedback.

Brand Awareness Increases And Sales In Close Proximity

Exchange live, socially generated content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get coupons, and increase the number of people who use the coupons by 1200% within one month!

Share Promotions, Up-Sell And Share Promotions

Engage with your customers. Offer incentive promotions and then switch to interactive mode to help them find what they’re searching for.

Enhance Social Media Buzz With Call To Action

By displaying satisfied customers and feeding social channels to the totem’s Social Wall and converting more customers into customers and boost visibility of your brand.

Use The Platform To Share It With Others And Earn Revenues

Strategic alliances with shopping centres and venue owners provide great exposure to their client base as well as additional revenue from advertising.

Make Events More Exciting And Reduce Waiting Time

Digital displays that are intelligent enhance the experience even when you are not using them and are a fantastic way to connect people to your company.

Utilise The Collection Of Data And Its Analysis To Improve Security And To Prevent The Spread Of Infections

Analytics on audience as well as adaptive content could take your customers’ experience from average to the top. The feeling of customization is good, and happy screens are happy customers.

Go Digital, Go Green

Everyone is switching to digital today to cut down on printing costs and the waiting time. Content can be change at any time through the cloud and immediately.

It’s fast, exciting, engaging, immersive and connected with your clients and has the most impact of every media channel.

Change Is Everywhere

Spring is here, it’s the time of renewal and change. We’re here to meet your requirements with a custom complete solution that will define the future.

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