Instagram reels not getting likes, How To Fix It In 2023

instagram reels not getting likes

Last Updated on April 7, 2024 by Umer Malik

If you’re on Instagram, you’re probably aware that Instagram Reels have taken the network by storm. Instagram’s Reels graph is at the top of the most active Instagram graphs.

But still, fewer likes are being seen on Instagram reels, and many users are also facing problems, so let me tell you. What are the mistakes users make while uploading reels, due to which their reels are not getting likes? 

After knowing these, you can easily increase your Instagram Reels’ likes. In this article, I will tell you in very simple language how you can increase views and likes on Instagram reels. After reading this article, you will not need to read other articles related to this topic.

Why are not getting likes?

Do you want to rapidly increase organic likes on your posts on Instagram? So let me tell you that you can never get instant results on Instagram. In some cases, you will get good results on Instagram, but if in all cases you want a good and quick response, this is the only case you will see. 

People with verified counts get good, quick responses. Or if there is any celebrity there, you can see they get instant results, and if you want some response from Instagram, then you have to do some work and have patience for that.

with which you can increase Instagram reel likes and views.

If you’re new to Instagram or have less than 100 followers, don’t rush to keep posting to your account and increasing the number of organic likes on your Instagram reels.

Your reels are of bad quality or low resolution

Low resolution and poor quality have no place in this generation. Instagram also knows this and follows it for its users because in this generation many smartphones with at least good cameras are available at affordable prices and whenever the quality of our reels is poor, Instagram removes them from its platform. removes. and transforms it. instagram reels not getting likes,

That is, whenever you upload a video, your reel will not reach more people and this is one of the mistakes due to which likes are not available on Instagram.

And this Instagram is a very good initiative. If you upload a low-quality reel on Instagram then you will easily fail to reach more people but if you upload good quality reel then you can easily grow like Instagram reel.

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Try to capture users’ attention in the first seconds of your reels.

This is also one of the common mistakes users often make in their videos; They are not able to attract the attention of their users towards their reels and this is also a common mistake due to which users do not like their videos.

Let’s find the reel. With millions of Reels uploaded daily, it’s important for Instagrammers to capture the attention of their customers. instagram reels not getting likes,

Users on Instagram scroll through Reels at lightning speed. Many times, users only blink to see the reel, indicating that they have watched the video. in such a short time,

You have to start your reel and reel those 3 seconds in such a way that the user’s attention is very much on your video. Instagram reels are not getting likes, hurry up and make your reels stand out. You can use new filters to create them.

Nowadays the trend of using filters on Instagram is very much in trend, so you should also apply filters on Instagram. So the chances of increasing likes on your reel also increase and Instagram reel likes also increase on your reel.

Increase uploads to Instagram Reels

If you do not increase the number of reels you upload, and only upload a few reels to your Instagram handle. That’s why it is disliked by the Instagram algorithm. Sometimes a boost in momentum is needed to increase your engagement and your Instagram reach.

Upload a few reels and don’t expect to reach thousands of users quickly. Instead, increase the number of uploads to your Instagram Reels. The more you post, the less time it takes for your reels to reach more users.

So your reels increase instagram reels likes. Instagram Reels Not Getting Likes Initially, you can create more or more reels within a week as well as increase the number of your posts to increase reel likes on Instagram.

Optimize each Instagram post while uploading

Optimize each reel while posting if you upload your post without hashtags and captions then it can be scary for you because if you do not apply hashtags then your reel will not be able to reach that category of people.

 You have chosen a category and created your rail. Without this, if you want the attention of more users, then it can also be madness, so keep hashtags and captions in your post. This will increase Instagram reel likes and views on your reel.


These are some of your mistakes due to which you are not getting likes on Instagram. That’s why I have told you all in very easy language how you can get likes on Instagram. With this, you can increase your Reels Likes on Instagram. If you want to increase genuine likes on your reels instantly,

 you can increase your Instagram reel likes by taking the help of buying Instagram post likes and purchasing Instagram likes in India cheaply. This will help you a lot in increasing real likes on Instagram. 

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