5 ways to Increase likes on Twitter in 2023

Increase likes on Twitter

Last Updated on April 7, 2024 by Umer Malik

Increase likes on Twitter by adopting some ways which are told in this article. 

If you post on Twitter and want to know how to increase likes on your Twitter account, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article to get likes on Twitter. Even though the methods mentioned in this article may be time-consuming, all these methods will help improve your Twitter likes.

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5 ways to increase likes on Twitter

There are over 500 million retweets on Twitter daily and about 200 billion yearly. But it is not possible to get more likes on so many tweets, so , adopt the following ways and increase the number of your Twitter like :

Create and post helpful content: 

If you want to increase likes on Twitter or Twitter followers and retweets, then you must first make the content of your helpful post so that more people will engage with and like your content. If any user likes your content, then he will like your post with the help of Twitter, and you will get more likes.  Always try to create and post good, helpful, engaging, valuable, and unique content for your Twitter posts. 

Utilize hashtags: 

At least two hashtags must be used in each post because hashtags also help you increase likes, and A maximum of three hashtags should be used in the content. Otherwise, it will look like spam. When you post your hashtag to your Twitter, your posts show up on results pages from that hashtag. So that people can visit your post and like it if they like it.

Optimize your posting time: 

The content of Twitter posts needs to be helpful and valuable because of its content. You get more likes on Twitter, but with the post’s content being good, posting that content at the right time is as essential as your post content.

Optime your profile for new followers:

Optimize your profile. Your profile has the first impression on any user, so optimize the profile well. And this can be a good and easy way to increase Twitter likes. Follow these steps to optimize your profile:

  • Write a proper bio 
  • Add your website link (Gnblognews)
  • Profile picture 

Engage with your audience through replies, retweets, and tags

Improve your engagement with your audience; for this, you can reply to comments from your audience, tweet on their tweets, and tag them so that your audience interacts with you. You can buy Twitter likes India and increase your Twitter likes count.

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