How Should a Gojek Clone App be Developed to Optimize Multi-Service Businesses?


The era of super apps has started, with apps like Gojek gaining widespread recognition. Such on-demand apps are developed to bridge the gap between users and service providers. A few taps allow customers to browse and access various services from a single platform.

People like using apps that offer them ease and convenience regarding on-demand services. Everything is achieved from a single mobile platform. Multi-service businesses can use this opportunity to satiate their customers with the help of a Gojek clone app solution that is even more impressive and better than the original Gojek app in many ways.

Multi-service businesses are used for buying food, availing handyman services, booking a taxi ride, sending couriers, ordering groceries, delivering medicines, and many more. Using a customizable Gojek clone script will help create an advanced version of a super app that will bring huge profits for the business.

Due to the pandemic and the social distancing norms, people had no choice but to use Gojek-like apps for all types of on-demand services. The demand has only risen since the lockdown began two years ago. It is no wonder why the concept of a Gojek clone has become very popular in the on-demand service market.

Not only do the customers of a given on-demand service business get hugely satisfied, but also the app’s return on investment is greatly optimized. Such is the power of a Gojek clone app, which can instantly digitally revolutionize the entire multi-service business market. Multi-service business owners can steer their business correctly. With the data obtained from the Gojek clone solution, more can be learned about the customer base to enhance the services.

Benefits of Gojek Clone On-demand Multi-service App

 The online platform is essential and valuable for today’s world. Multi-service businesses have realized this and taken steps to develop a robustly functioning on-demand multi-service app that significantly reduces the time and effort needed to satiate the customer’s day-to-day requirements.

Every type of on-demand service is organized and readily available at a user’s fingertips through a single Gojek clone app platform. This way, the user of the Gojek like app can easily and instantly access everything with a few taps in the application.

The app also removes the need to store different apps for different services. Usually, earlier, users had to compromise on their phone storage space, which was very annoying. A multi-service app like Gojek can solve this problem and replace all such apps with a single all-encompassing app.

These apps act as a lifeline for local service providers and delivery personnel during the current pandemic times, paving the way for the economy of the given locality to be significantly boosted. Ultimately, multi-service businesses will also benefit greatly.

One-stop-shop for dozens of On-Demand Multi Service Businesses

People will find it cumbersome and tiring to navigate different apps for every on-demand service and need. A Gojek like app will offer every type of on-demand service under one roof. This is easier and faster, and the Gojek clone app can be accessed anywhere. 

Such apps provide transportation services, food/medicine/grocery/water delivery, handyman services, and home-based services. This is just the tip of the iceberg where a Gojek clone script can be modified to include a limitless number of on-demand services.

No wonder a Gojek clone with multiple on-demand services can significantly impact everyone’s lives and help entrepreneurs make the digital transition from a single on-demand service business into a multi-service business in no time.

Valuable Points For Increased Customer Reach

It is evident that thousands of mobile apps are launched every day on the iOS and Android platforms, but only a tiny percentage of them ultimately reach the users’ smartphones.

Everything related to the success of an on-demand service business boils down to how the customers are satisfied. The business will thrive well enough if the customers are happy with what is provided.

 The main prerequisites for developing a successful multi-service business with the help of a powerful Gojek clone app solution are listed below.

  • The app must be a platform that virtually unites service providers of different verticals and customers.
  • The verticals could be taxi-hailing, handyman, food-delivery, courier delivery, and almost anything.
  • The app should offer a broader range of business models and benefits managed and upgraded under one all-encompassing mobile app platform.
  • The super app should come with incredible USPs, distinct and useful features, a rich UI/UX design, and stunning visuals.
  • The Gojek clone must be updated with the latest features and improved functionalities.

These are the reasons related to how the Gojek super app accumulated over 38 million users in Southeast Asia, got over 190 million downloads, and expanded its reach to more than two hundred cities across the globe.

Creating a Gojek like app that isn’t easy to use will turn off potential users. The app must be simple to use and the services offered must be easily accessible for an optimized user experience. The need for different apps for different services must be eliminated for the user.

 Such integration will make users eager for more from the user-friendly super app. New and beneficial features will generate tremendous popularity for the app, leading to more downloads, profits, and success for the multi-service business. 

Therefore, an on-demand service business owner should focus not only on managing the business but also on developing new techniques to reach more customers and enhance profits.

The Must-have Features of a Gojek Like App

An app’s features and functionality determine how promising a mobile app is. Due to the pandemic, there should be many carefully-thought features in sync with the present safety precautions and norms. Some of them are listed here.

  • Smart face mask verification
  • Safety checklist
  • Covid-19 Heat Maps
  • Driver/Service provider health meter
  • Limited passenger limit
  • Smart service finder
  • Service/ Delivery Tracker
  • Invoice generation
  • Call masking
  • Import/Export data
  • Ride/ Service cancellation due to norms violation
  • OTP verification to begin the ride/service
  • Graphical real-time ride/order status tracker
  • Live video service provider consultation
  • Ratings and reviews related to safety
  • Order history
  • User feedback data analyzer
  • Add Multi-Language/Country/Currency
  • Setting up different store commissions
  • Flexible time slots
  • Age verification
  • Support for Driver/ Service Providers

Selecting the Right Monetization Strategies

With everything set up, the absolute necessity before the super app can be launched involves setting up the best monetization strategies with the help of a Gojek clone script. The super app’s profits are guaranteed to skyrocket with effective monetization strategies. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Delivery charges
  • Third-party ad banners
  • Loyalty programs
  • Cancellation charges
  • Subscription fees 
  • Commission

Concluding Lines

With the pandemic not showing signs of abating, the primary way for multi-service apps to gain prominence among their competitors is by ensuring that the business owners prioritize the safety of both the user base and the service providers above everything else. With everything detailed about what is to be in place before a Gojek clone can be launched, a business owner is assured of guiding his super app in the right direction towards success. 

To develop such an app, one can approach a reliable company with a robust Gojek clone script featuring everything needed to develop a white-label on-demand multi-service app. With the help of valuable insight regarding super app development, as explained in this article, partnering with the right app development team can help launch a successful multi-service business soon. 

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