Financial Statements and The Importance of Financial Accounting in Businesses


The process of documenting, compiling, and disclosing a company’s financial activities through financial statements is known as financial accounting. Since there are numerous transactions throughout the year, keeping track of them is crucial. Having an accountant will ensure that there is no error in your book of accounts.

Financial accounting includes the standards and strategies for conveying the company’s financial information. We will study the meaning of monetary financial accounting in the accompanying article.

Importance of financial accounting

Organizations need financial accounting since it enables them to monitor their financial transactions. The following are some reasons why financial accounting is important.

● For the investors 

An investor is a person who has contributed money to a firm. He, therefore, wants to know if his investments are secure. Hence, Investors will need to view financial information to determine a company’s financial health before deciding whether it is appealing enough to invest in.

● Financial data comparison and analysis

Because it ensures that all transactions of various periods are accurately recorded, it is highly beneficial in comparison studies. Knowing the company’s present profitability position is made possible with financial statements.

Company owners can use financial documentation data to research rivals and investment prospects by comparing and analyzing various financial data points. 

● Keeping track of financial transactions

Bookkeeping is the term used in accounting to describe the primary task of writing down and recording financial transactions. No matter how little or large the firm, it is still essential to document every transaction.

In financial accounting, double entries are used to record every financial transaction. In double-entry accounting, every exchange is recorded as a charge or credit in no less than two different accounts. Therefore, accounting provides information about the company’s financial situation.

● When seeking loan

Before lending money, bankers and lenders want to examine the company’s financial situation. A lender needs to know the danger of lending money to a company, which can be evaluated by analyzing the financial statement.

 A business’ balance record and benefit and misfortune account are valuable financial statements while looking for credits. The bank may ask for specific financial information if a business requests a loan. This will allow the business to demonstrate that it has the resources to repay the loan in full and on schedule.

● For management

Accounting provides managers with crucial data they need to run their businesses effectively. These reports give managers the tools to resolve financial problems and make long-term plans.

● The law mandates financial accounting

Balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements are all needed by law for registered corporations. Companies must be truthful and open about their financial transactions, and the information must be reliable and regularly updated.

Financial statement 

The following are the four fundamental financial reports used in financial accounting:

● Income statement

A company’s net revenue for a specific period is shown on an income statement. Because it displays an entity’s operating performance, this financial statement is typically regarded as the most significant

● Balance sheet

An organization’s assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity are all recorded on a balance sheet as of a specific date.

● Cash flow statement

The cash flow statement provides comprehensive information on all of a company’s earnings and liabilities for a certain period. It also comprises all cash outflows used to fund corporate operations and investments throughout a certain period.

● Statement of Retained Earnings

This report details the income that remains after stockholder dividends have been paid.


To sum up, we can say that every business performance depends significantly on financial accounting. It empowers organizations to monitor all their financial accounts, grasp their situation, and helps the partners in going with more educated business choices.

A corporation can offer investors and lenders more knowledge by presenting data through various statements, such as the balance sheet, cash flow statement, statement of retained earnings, and income statement.

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