Why Should Employees Have Paid Family Leaves

Paid Family Leaves

Many companies allow paid family leaves. But, also many companies do not allow the same. They allow leaves but unpaid. Most private sectors do not prefer paid leaves. While the government sector mostly ensures paid holidays for their employees. There are many reasons for allowing and not allowing paid family leaves.

Reason for Allowing Paid Leaves

Release Stress

When an employee works daily, at some point, they need leave to relax. Without relaxation, it becomes difficult to manage things properly. A stressed mind cannot perform at its best. If the leave is paid, the employee will not hesitate to avail of it. Also, he will release stress and get back to work with a fresh mind. When the leave is unpaid, some employees can manage deductions in their salary, but most cannot. Those who cannot manage would not ask for leave as they have to manage their household and all that stuff. In such cases, stress piles up daily and causes affect on the mental and physical health of that employee. So in the context of relaxation and stress management, there should be paid leaves so that employees can spend time with their families with full relaxation. The mental stress of the mother can become the cause of the baby’s death. And it is an irreplaceable loss.

Insurance of good mental and physical health is very important. Also, if women do not ask for leaves because OF unpaid, it can cause premature or abnormal baby birth. And work after birth causes severe depression in women. Women have to deal with new responsibilities of the baby as well as their health. Women who have paid leave are less likely to go under depression and illness because they have financial security. These leaves help women to prevent themselves from the unclean environment and unhealthy food at the workplace. If a mother is not well, the child will not be healthy. So the security of paid family leaves saves two to three lives at a time.

Only a healthy mind can work efficiently. And work efficiency is most important for any company. 

Balance Income Inequality

The paid family leaves help in balancing income inequality. When you have a new birth at your home or adopting a new child, spending time with that child is necessary. Taking great care of child and mother is important. For working women, it isn’t easy to work while they just gave birth to a baby. At this time husband also leaves to look after his wife and child. In short, both father and mother need some family time. At this time, economic responsibilities increase day by day. If both husband-wife has unpaid leave, it will cause a serious crisis. after all, if they do not ask for leave, it will seriously affect their health. Also, it will cause an absence of mind while working. Resultantly it will affect the production of the company.

Same as when an employee gets injured or has to see any sick person in his family. There should be a paid leave for it. Paid leave eliminates the pressure of financial instability. 

Support Economy

Research by a coursework help service shows that, when a company entertains its employee with paid family leaves, it makes their commitment strong. Most of the employees request leave when there is an emergency. In the case of paid leaves, employees and the company both commit not to let employees go for another company. By doing so, the company faces economic benefits. Because if as many new employee companies hire, it has to invest on all new employees. It could be in the form of training and development.  It also includes efforts of management and time. The paid family leaves secure the company from new investments.

Also, analysis has shown that paid family leaves cause positive production effects. Of course, it can be neutral too. But there are very few chances of negative production. Labor boost is another factor. This booster can be in many forms, like motivational sessions, reward systems, and paid family leave.

Reason for Not Allowing Paid Leaves

Probation Period

Companies do not allow paid family leaves during the probation period at all.

Control Population

In some countries, the government bans paid family leaves at the time of need. Like when they have to control the population with serious concerns. In such cases, people make plans for their families, and it helps in controlling the population.

Eligibility for Paid Family Leaves

Companies that entertain their employee with paid family leaves must have some eligibility criteria. This eligibility criterion is very important for the maintenance of the economy. If any company does not set eligibility criteria and allow everyone to leave paid, it will cause negative production. For the benefit of employees, no company can move its production towards fall. Thus it is very important to take care of employees as well as the company. This criterion includes the following points,

The employee who is asking for paid family leaves must be a regular employee. Check out all his record and see his contribution to the production of the company.

While asking for paid family leaves employee has to complete his assigned task before leaving. However, it can be managed in such a way that when he starts asking for paid family leaves, he has to speed up his work and submit the final draft before he leaves.

Also, he has to provide proof of his problem. For example, if a woman is pregnant or a man is ill, they must submit medical reports. They can show their prescription list and related stuff. It is very immoral to ask for leave with a lame excuse or without any proof. So if you are an employee, you have to show professionalism.

Other criteria is related to age factors and income level. The company should take care of moral values, like support low-income employees more. They already face crises, so do not make it more difficult for them. Also, old age employee is more likely to get ill. Keep this age factor in mind and design strategy accordingly.

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