Why Do You Need Social Media in Your Business Strategy? 


The question is, what makes you think you don’t need a social media strategy? Social media is not only the new normal for users but businesses as well. Nowadays, if you advertise on billboards and banners, people might recognize the name, but they won’t know your purpose.

The first thing they will do out of curiosity is not to google it but to Instagram it! Instagram and Twitter are the top most used social media platforms today. And making your product exist here among so many competitors is no minor deal.

Therefore, you need to identify what social platforms work better for your product and carry on with making a strategy. Just like so many brands have a business strategy as to when:

  • To hire new people
  • You should ask for funds
  • Your business can apply for a loan
  • To manage with political uncertainty
  • The right time to manage short-term goals.

Just like this, you also need to manage a proper business strategy and social media marketing strategy for your business. 

Marketing Opportunities With Social Media

If you use social media frequently, this should not be a new concept. While you scroll on your newsfeed on Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok, you might have seen a ‘sponsored’ section or ads running just beside.

Now you as a consumer are bound to view these ads and get curious. This curiosity generates a brand more clicks than actual website posters would. There are so many uncountable and unexplored opportunities for a business strategy on social media that you can unlock.

Almost every platform like Instagram or Whatsapp comes up with new business features daily! Innovations are constantly taking place, from ‘Meta For Business’ to Whatsapp Business.

Most of these features and new applications are aimed at small businesses rather than huge ones. Some ways you can spend little and get excellent social media marketing are as follows: 

  • Affiliate Marketing: Many teenagers and students are doing affiliate marketing these days. All a business does is hire the right people with many connections. It offers them a fixed rate of commission on the sales they make. 
  • Instagram Business Account: Instagram offers users to make a business account with their personal one. You can take orders, make store links and promote your business’s identity.

Post stories and pictures and gain followers among your target audience! Moreover, you can even ask other famous people (who have more followers) for shoutouts!

  • TikTok Influencers: TikTok is not much of a marketing platform from the start. You can ask famous Tiktokers to recommend some product in their videos and pay them for it. However, these days, there is so much traffic on TikTok, and people even post Tiktoks on other platforms.
  • Instagram Influencers: Although this method is prevalent and mainstream these days, it works well. A large group of active users follows Instagram influencers.

You have a golden gate if your business strategy includes social media marketing through influencers! Therefore, develop more connections with such famous users and ask them to use your products (send to them as a gift)!

If they had a pleasant experience, their recommendations could boost your sales.

Staying Active At Customer Service 

Chatting with users on your website is slow and ineffective. Around 64% of the users who open a website (on average) don’t use the chat option. Partly because the chat is done by AI-powered assistance most of the time. 

In line with affordable book marketing services experts Instagram DMs, Facebook messenger, and Whatsapp can be more effective ways of staying connected with your customers. These apps and softwares are easy to use, and if you’re the sole owner, it’s perfect for you.

Business owners who are starting up have minimal capacity. Hence, such a team needs some platform or tool that helps them get the task done while not burdening the budget.

This is one reason WhatsApp business (which is relatively new in the market) is gaining quick popularity. Although many features in these apps require payment, you have to buy a whole package.

Most of these features are cheap and budget-friendly for small businesses! There is a solution if you feel like you are getting extra features in a package that your business strategy doesn’t need.

You can sell that particular feature to someone else who needs it. Think of it as some hire purchase!

A Perfect Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing seems easy on the surface, get some graphic designers to make pretty and brand-like posters, and you’re done. However, this isn’t the truth.

In truth, just as you need a proper business strategy, and financial strategies to run a business smoothly, you need plans. A marketing strategy is something every small and massive business needs to plan.

Everyone needs a marketing plan to function, from McDonald’s, Microsoft, and Louis Vuitton to Instagram-based local businesses.

Find Your Target Audience

The first step to creating an influential social media page is to find the target audience. You can go on boosting your followers and increasing the number, but is the effort worth it?

You need to keep track of how influential your audience is.

If you have your target audience in one region, you can restrict the reach of your account. If they are a particular age group, you can follow other brands that target the same age group. You can even follow your competitors!

Therefore, your page will start appearing as a suggestion to the target audience.

Create A Brand Identity

This is as important in social media marketing as it is for your website. Your business’s looks, what values it holds, and how it treats customers are all recurring themes in the business strategy.

Now, your social media handles are a place where you will interact with customers all the time. They need to be aware of what type of brand your business is.

You must select a color scheme for your brand and decide what type of content you post and what captions you put with it. Even the tone of the captions and posters counts! 

Create Engaging Content

This is the very core of your social media marketing strategy. If you don’t create effective content throughout the week,  you wont have enough followers left when a new product comes out.

This doesn’t mean your account should only go active when a new launch is near. You should entertain the follower’s newsfeed now and then! Here are some post ideas for a brand:

  1. Quote of the day
    1. Motivational story
    1. News relating to your sector in the industry
    1. Collaboration with a celebrity
    1. Latest reviews of your customers


Social media keeps clients updated on your business, establishes brand personality, and improves brand recognition. Linking social media posts to your website might enhance visitors.

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