UberEats Clone App – How It Supports Boosting Restaurant Profits


UberEats Clone App – How It Supports Boosting Restaurant Profits

UberEats Clone App

Are you someone who is setting up a base for the first time in the competitive food delivery market and wishes to give their traditional meal delivery setup a competitive edge? Taking the app advantage is a good idea then.

Courtesy of the presence of online food delivery apps, the industry has witnessed great profitability and observed itself of having an extremely lucrative future.

If you visit the app marketplace; you will then come across many solutions that streamline how meal delivery takes place. Out of these solutions, a popular name in the market is UberEats. We will discuss on the nature of the app in the article and highlight the creation thereafter of the UberEats clone app. We will then give you a purview of the reasons why a majority of restaurant setups are taking the UberEats clone app development advantage to assist their eatery to stand out from the competition.

All about UberEats

Year of Launch – 2014

Providing services in 6000 cities across 45 countries, UberEats Clone App is flooded with some of best features with an added level of convenience.

All about UberEats

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Want to know about these features? Here. Check them out below.

UberEats Features

Knowing the features that give a purview into the standout nature of the solution; let us check the statistics that depict the popular nature of the app.

UberEats Features

Statistics Depicting Popularity of UberEats

Numbers are an important area you need to focus on to enlighten yourself with an idea of the solution’s popularity. As we discuss about UberEats, let us go through the statistics that will give you a purview into its overall prime nature.

  1. Currently, it has a strength of over 81 million users 
  2. Available in over 6000 cities in 45 countries
  3. Possesses 900,000 restaurant partners 
  4. These numbers and the features discussed above are enough to give you an idea of why you need to develop food app like UberEats and embrace online food delivery app development.
  5. Here are the steps discussed below you need to follow during the journey.
  6.  This will make food ordering app development pleasant and assist you in successfully obtaining profitable returns.

How to Develop Food App like UberEats?

To perform food ordering app development like a pro when you set out on the journey to develop food app like UberEats, you must keep some tips handy.

Check the lines below to get educated about them.


An Idea is All It Takes- Get an Idea

Having an idea is the first step for a business to walk toward its path to success. This is a prime reason why it is critical to have an idea! 

Know your competitors and have a vision of how you will build an app that is different from theirs. This includes also having the right strategies in place to know how to conduct your business well, apart from getting the perspective of your customers.


Use Technologies that are Powerful

The end goal of your online food delivery app is to ease the way customers get meals delivered to their doorstep. Hence, it is recommended to use the best set of technologies in the front-end and back-end respectively. 

This will ensure and guarantee that maximum customers remain engaged with your solution and that any incidents of crashes stop occurring.


Assess Revenue Models and Check their Worth

It is a good idea to assess the revenue models and check their worth for your food delivery setup when you are taking part in food ordering app development to develop food app like UberEats. There are three models that businesses are usually given a preference for, namely, listing, commission, and subscriptions. Examine their worth in sync with your business to get maximum benefits.

Alongside the steps that are highlighted above; it is recommended you connect with a dedicated UberEats clone app development partner overseas. Conduct research on the company from different portals. Assess their portfolios next and their expertise.

Upon performing all these steps, you should connect with the enterprise next. This is going to make it easy for you to check their collaboration skills and gauge if they would be able to perform online food delivery app development seamlessly.

Now that you are educated on the steps that will help you to develop food app like UberEats like a pro, the cost factor is something you need to focus upon.

Here’s the estimated cost to perform food ordering app development provided below for you to see. Have a glance at the same below.

Estimated Cost to Develop Food App like UberEats

When you are bracing yourself into the journey of online food delivery app development to develop food app like UberEats, apart from placing attention on the steps, it is important to also focus on the cost factor. This is because as a startup this area if not focused on might end up proving fatal; to say the least.

So, what is the cost after all?

  1. In India, the cost will be between $10 to $80 on an hourly basis
  2. In Europe, it will be between the range of $30 and $150 per hour
  3. In the USA, you have to spend between $50 and $250 on an hourly basis
Estimated Cost to Develop Food App like UberEats

Note- The cost is not constant. Based on app complexity, design, and platforms where you launch the food delivery app, the budget will automatically go up for you. Therefore, focus on keeping the app as simple as possible, and embrace cross-platform app development. This will allow your finances to remain within check in the best possible way.


What are the Key Takeaways?

Reading this exhaustive article; you can understand that UberEats has made its mark in the world of food delivery business. Not only has it streamlined the way meal deliveries take place, but it has also boosted the level of visibility for restaurants to a great extent. These are extremely critical factors that have contributed thereafter to the creation of the UberEats clone app, a ready-to-launch solution for the restaurant setup. Since the solution is preloaded with features that are easy to update and customizable, therefore channeling and taking the UberEats clone app development advantage is the right direction to take.

Closing Words

UberEats in the current year has earned revenues of $8.3 billion. This is courtesy of the quick meals the app makes available to customers apart from helping them get connected to restaurants nearby them. These factors have been critical in UberEats clone app development which is undoubtedly a blessing-in-disguise for food delivery setups as a result of it being customizable and easy to modify, update; and ready-to-launch thereby promising food startups the aid to get their visibility boosted in a short time. Hence, all in all, it is a boon for food delivery setups.

Therefore, if you have yet not taken the app advantage for your restaurant setup, it is time you do it now. Develop food app like UberEats to give your food delivery setup a competitive edge. Partner with a trusted company overseas that is skilled in this respect. This will help you to successfully stand out from your competitors through the seamless food delivery services you provide. This is going to ultimately allow you to capitalize on profits right from Day 1 and obtain a handsome percentage of returns on investments, as well, side-by-side.

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