Some specialties of Korean skincare you need to try yourself

    Korean skincare

    Skincare preferences vary from country to country. When it comes to Korean skincare, it focuses on prevention rather than cure and is known to be more effective than western skincare. Moreover, it is always backed by science and follows an overall minimalist approach. It’s all about clean, natural ingredients and sometimes unique ingredients and specialties that no other skincare regime focuses on. Sulwhasoo is the best-known brand for such Korean Skincare Products as they make use of both traditional Asian wisdom and modern science. Although Korean skincare is ever-changing some things remain the same, such as the focus on anti-aging and certain specialties that are only associated with Korean skincare or K-beauty.

    Some specialties of Korean skincare include

    K-beauty essences

    The key to deeply hydrating your skin is essences. As they contain humectant-rich water-binding ingredients that are specifically formulated for this job. There’s a wide range of essences available, from watery to more viscous textures. Drenching your skin with hydration makes sure the skin remains healthy and firm.

    K-beauty sheet masks

    Sheet masks have been an ongoing trend over the past years and they originated from Korean skincare. First, you make sure to cleanse and tone your skin, apply a sheet mask, and make sure to not waste the essence that is there in the sheet mask as it is the most beneficial for your skin. Pat the remaining essences into your skin and seal everything with a good moisturiser. Consider this routine a mini at-home facial as it provides the skin with a dewy and glowy finish. Instead of investing in big jars or bottles of products to test out different ingredients try getting different sheet masks. As they are affordable and help you understand if a certain ingredient goes well with your skin or not. If they work then look for products with those ingredients in them and invest in full-sized products. Sheet masks are easy to use, effective, and make you feel like you just did a form of self-care.

    Layering acids

    K-beauty follows a gentle approach when it comes to acids. Too much acid can irritate the skin and too little will generate no results so it is important to use the optimum amount of acids on your skin to achieve safe and effective results. AHAs and BHAs are most commonly used to achieve smooth skin texture. However, make sure to slowly introduce your skin to these acids to make sure your skin can does not face any harsh reaction.

    K-beauty is not any ordinary skincare, it’s unique and has its specialties. Some other specialties included are using retinol, skin detoxifying, and barrier strengthening. It may also exist of some gimmicks such as jelly texture or colour-changing products to make skincare more interesting yet backed by science as Korean skincare never exists independent of science. Korean skincare is way ahead of the market and the results achieved are long-term. Sensoo Skincare can be your one-stop to try out all the Korean products and specialties that attract you the most. Although, keep in mind that not everything can work for everyone, there will be hit and miss situations.

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