Seven Ways to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility on Social Media

Seven Ways to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility on Social Media

Social media has become a rage, and news spreads like wildfire through the use of social media. There has been an enormous awakening among consumers when purchasing any services or products. Many customers now seek out brands which support the causes they believe in. They also take an active role in driving societal or environment-related changes.

This is the primary reason why many companies invest in Corporate Social responsibility. It drives people to connect with their brand and helps them create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. There are 4.2 billion users worldwide, and social media is a very effective platform for promoting and engaging people in CSR efforts.

Following are the ways to promote corporate social responsibility programs on social media-

Encourage action and reaction

Promoting your corporate social responsibility programs on various social media channels is the best way to let your target audience know what you stand for. However, you should not just post and leave. You should engage with your social media followers, who keep up with your posts and updates about ongoing events. You should encourage them to take action. For example, if you are spreading awareness about cleanliness by carrying out cleanliness drives, you should ask what other people think of it, and it should be an open portal for them to leave feedback and suggestions.

You should ask what other suggestions people have to expand the program or invite followers to a webinar.

2. Be consistent

It is crucial to keep a check on your CSR activities. However, you should ensure you do not flood your social media feeds with only that type of content. This might come across as pushy or overbearing to someone if you try to shove your opinion down someone’s throat. At the same time, if you say little, it might seem that you are not bothered about your commitments and responsibilities. A mix of content is good in your social media feed. You should keep your values and ethics in mind for every post on your social media channel. You should put your values and content in the front and state your ideologies unabashedly. You can also use hashtags to get to a broader base of people. You should be able to put yourself on a pedestal. The Twitter feed is full of content which entertains and is diverse and supportive. 

3. Be an advocate for change

When it comes to corporate social responsibility, you should be focused. Just because something is trending on social media doesn’t mean that you should link your CSR issues to it. You should be extremely mindful of what you are trying to do. There comes a time when it is vital to take action and be vocal about several issues that matter to your industry.

If any issue is vital to your industry and your public, you should consider how you can respond. You should have your priorities straight.

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4. Make use of storytelling

One of the most essential and useful parts of corporate social responsibility initiatives is storytelling. People should be able to relate to the narrative that you have set. You should create intrigue in their minds so that they will be eager to learn more about the ongoings of your social media channels.

For instance, posting about your partnership with any type of local charity might not get many people to click on your post; however, if you post a testimonial of any person, then people might get positively impacted by the contribution you have made. It could also prompt positive action and influence people positively.

Your marketing activities should create a buzz on social media and have a long-lasting impact on your target audience. Your campaign should be dynamic and show the power of storytelling for promoting the beliefs and values of your brand.

5. Humanize your brand

People should be able to see the raw emotions of your brand. They should not only see the marketing aspect of it. They should also see a noble cause behind it. A story might come from an unlikely place, but if it is told well, it can make an impact on the public’s understanding of your brand. This is one marketing technique which you can use to your advantage.

Humanizing your brand means being personable in communicating things with leads, prospects and customers. It also incorporates the idea of cultivating your brand’s personality by making memorable connections with your target audience. This makes them feel seen and valued and helps them feel good about doing business with your company.

6. Curate content

The CSR initiatives your company has adopted will resonate with many other companies. This, in turn, will have far-reaching impacts. There is likely to be research and developments in the areas such as climate change which will, in turn, appeal to your social media audience.

You can even share third-party posts and information to highlight your issues and cement your CSR initiatives. It will show your dedication to a noble cause because you care and not just because it drives clicks.

Many companies out there are well-known for being the climate and environmental activists. You can take cues from these companies as their social media feeds not only feature their content, but the feed also highlights important events to reinforce many essential things.

7. Partner with a non-profit organization

You should invest in the organization’s initiatives in promoting and bringing about positive change. The most efficient way to do that is by partnering with a non-profit organization.

When you choose any non-profit organization, you should not focus on its profile. It is all about the alliance of your company’s values with theirs. You should not decide on the company based on how many followers they have or which brand they are. Even small and medium-sized organizations might have a greater impact.

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