Interesting Facts About Customization of Macaron Boxes

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Last Updated on November 19, 2022 by Hamna Nouman

Every bakery wants to make perfectly delicious macrons for its customers. Bakeries try hard to make their macarons popular and appealing to customers to increase their sales. Besides making delicious macarons, professional macaron companies also focus on packaging. Exclusive macaron packaging forms a positive image in customers’ minds. Following are some interesting points about the customizations of the macaron packaging:

Eco-Friendly Macaron Packaging

Increasing global warming and climate change demand eco-friendly packaging because it is biodegradable. Non-biodegradable packaging i.e. Plastic packaging is the major cause of global warming as it accumulates on land and water. Eco-friendly macaron packaging includes cardboard, bux board, cardstock, and Kraft boxes which are easy to recycle and reuse. In this way, eco-friendly packaging leaves no packaging waste. Moreover, it is food-friendly packaging as well, because no chemicals are used while manufacturing it. Wise companies paste the logo “eco-friendly’’ on the packaging boxes to attract eco-lovers.

Durable Packaging

Food products are very sensitive to crushing and spoilage. That’s why they demand robust packaging for their safety. You can use macaron cardboard boxes having strong and resistant solid walls. The cardboard macaron packaging has many benefits. First, it is resistant to crushing, breakage, and dirt. Second, it acts as an insulating medium against intense heat. Lastly, it is easy to customize in any shape, size, and style per your preferences. Furthermore, you can coat it with matte, glossy, or UV coating for extra safety as well as attraction.

Diverse Creative Shapes

Select the shapes of packaging boxes that have never been used by any other macaron company. Make unique macron boxes of cardboard or cardstock per the demands of your macarons. Select precise custom boxes to avoid spoiling your macarons. For example, two-piece and custom sleeve boxes are the most popular for packaging macarons because of their convenient opening/closing features. Furthermore, such kinds of macaron packaging boxes prohibit macarons from falling. One can get these boxes in any size, shape, and style per need.

Macron Box with Compartments

The most important perk of custom Macaron Boxes is that one can place compartments, partitions, or inserts inside these boxes. You know that the delicious and crunchy macarons can break down if they stick with each other. Moreover, they are very soft to bear pressure. Therefore, place partitions or compartments to keep macarons secure from damage. One can be creative with this opportunity and add compartments of unique shapes and sizes to upgrade packaging style.

Theme Personalization

In the modern era, trends, themes, and fashions change with time. Certain themes become trends that get huge popularity among people. Therefore, print themes and images per likeness and demands of the public. Print graphics that are more appealing to customers. This will be helpful in magnetizing more customers to your macarons. Moreover, design custom macaron packaging with fascinating characters i.e. Cartoon and movie characters to attract children. Or you can personalize custom macaron boxes per the theme of Christmas, thanksgiving, birthday, Easter, Halloween, or anniversary to increase the charm of festivities. Moreover, print with notes on the thematic macaron packaging to give to your friends or families.

Attract Targeted Audience

Professional companies and bakeries target certain people for certain kinds of products. They apply marketing strategies and wisely attract large customers to their products. Design macaron boxes in such a way that they can grab the attention of people of all ages. Macarons are the favorite of every age people. Therefore, design alluring macaron packaging to increase customers’ appetite for your products. Unique window boxes are best for showcasing macarons as they allow people a glimpse of your macarons and hype their craving. Add a PVC sheet on the window cut to keep insects, dust, and other harmful factors away from your sweet little macrons.

Promotion of Macarons

Making a name in a competitive market is the most important thing to focus on and custom-printed macaron boxes can help you in that. For this purpose, print your business name, logo, contact, and address details on the inside or outside of the macaron packaging. It will help customers to recognize your macaron business name and get back to you if they like your products.

Moreover, you cannot earn customers from social media sites if you don’t mention important details of your business. But, keep in mind, it is not just about mentioning business info. It’s all about mentioning business details in the most attractive way possible. Use attractive fonts and high-end color models (CMYK and PMS) to make your brand name and logo look professional. Additionally, you can design appetizing packaging boxes and display them at different stores, events, and festivals for marketing.

Enjoy Add-Ons Facilities

Apart from the selection of coloring, printing, and coating facilities, custom macaron boxes offer add-on options as well. For example, you can apply embossing techniques to the name or logo of your brand and make it more raised and prominent. Put your hand on gold/silver foiling if you want something lustrous and metallic. Some other options include die-cutting, window-cutting, gluing, scoring, and perforation that gives a professional finish to macaron packaging boxes.

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