How To Move Heavy Furniture? A Complete Guide

How to move heavy furniture? All easy methods

A common problem in household moving is how to move heavy furniture. To avoid injury, make your move easier and get the job done more quickly, you will need proper equipment. Make sure that each person helping has on sturdy, closed-toed shoes or work boots. You’ll want gloves too, whether leather work gloves are specially made for moving or just some extra protection for your hands when lifting things.

Taking apart some furniture can also help with the process of moving it out of a house or an apartment. If you have beds with wooden frames, unscrewing the side rails will allow you to carry them in pieces through narrower doorways and upstairs more easily than trying to carry intact beds. The same thing applies to tables with extension leaves.

Assess and make a plan:

When it comes to moving heavy things, the aim is to be as efficient as possible. Take a list of every heavy thing that will need to get on the truck and then figure out what needs to go where and when. In general, large things are placed in the back of the truck’s bed and around its edges to assist balance the weighty.

When hauling your furniture, always start with the most important and heavy pieces. Note that the biggest and heaviest things go first, so prioritize them in the order you’ll deal with each piece of furniture. Although creating a strategy of attack may appear to be just one more step on an endless to-do list, it will save your time and energy.

Break furniture down into its smallest parts:

The more you can break down each item of heavy furniture, the better. That means taking away all removable components, including cushions, knobs, legs, drawers, and so on., as well as breaking down things like sectionals and bed frames. If you have to remove screws or other tiny components to do this, make sure to store.

Follow proper lifting techniques:

You’ll need to slide, push, and drag heavy furniture much more than you must lift. These places far less strain on your body and make the whole process much simpler. However, dragging and sliding isn’t enough when you reach a staircase or need to load the item into the vehicle. Always put safety first, so double-check how to do it properly before you lift.

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Getting up and down stairs:

Moving heavy furniture up or down stairs adds another degree of difficulty to an already difficult job, but there never is a way around it. To move heavy goods up and down the stairs, you’ll need the assistance of a partner—this isn’t something you want to try alone. Carrying the item high and low means that the person at the bottom.

There’s a lot of risk in relying on your senses alone. If an object is heavy but little, you’ll still want to have two people working on it and work your way down the stairs slowly and carefully, going from high to low. It’s never worth putting yourself at risk of a serious injury just to save a few minutes.

Moving far enough to require renting a truck:

If you are moving far enough to require renting a truck, make sure that the vehicle you will be using is big enough to accommodate your items. There is nothing worse than having to leave some furniture behind because it won’t fit in your truck. To get up and down stairs with bulky furniture more easily, you might need to tie a rope around it and attach the rope to your belt loops or your pants. If you find yourself stuck with some large items in a tiny elevator, like the ones in some older apartment buildings, ask someone else to ride down in there with you and help lift and shift things.

Right size truck for your move:

Make sure that you have the right size truck for your move. If you have a bunch of bulky items, it might make more sense to rent a moving van rather than a small pick-up truck. That said, if you only have a few heavy pieces of furniture, don’t rent out a huge vehicle that will make your total cost skyrocket. Instead, go with what suits your needs best.

If you are moving outside city limits and need to take public transportation to get there, avoid putting large items in checked baggage on trains or airplanes because they can get lost easily in transit and since they are not yours, airlines won’t be responsible for replacing them. After getting everything into the new home and unloaded from the truck, don’t forget to take inventory and make sure everything is accounted for.

Moving quote from other companies:

Always make sure to get a moving quote from other companies before making a final decision about who you will hire to do the heavy lifting. If you find that your new home is farther away than you thought or that your furniture won’t fit through every door as originally planned, it’s good to know where you stand with the company in terms of cost.

Finally, remember that professional movers are there to help, so ask if they have any advice on how best to move certain items before attempting it yourself.

To avoid injury:

To avoid injury, make your move easier and get the job done more quickly , you will need proper equipment,” said the article.  It then went on to explain in detail several ways in which one can carry cumbersome pieces of furniture with great ease and without developing back pain or bad knees down flights of stairs and into a truck.  The tone was professional throughout because this information is meant for people who are already experienced movers.

There were no typos or grammatical errors, so it did not distract from the information being imparted by the writer. The audience might have been other self-employed movers or people who are moving for the first time. This article might be found on a website that sells moving supplies, but it’s likely to be aimed at consumers rather than at corporations. If it were published by a business, the tone would have been more authoritative.

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