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Houzeo vs Ideal agent: The reviews you need to know


Since real estate transactions involve significant amounts of money and higher stakes, the buyers and sellers are cautious of making various choices. When it comes to picking a real estate agent or brokerage company, the people are wary of making a conscious choice. This is why they need authentic and genuine information about the best real estate companies so that they can make an informed choice.

Here, we will review and allow to compare the two best real estate giants – Houzeo reviews and Ideal Agent reviews. We will let you know what are they, how they operate, their unique benefits, and more.

Ideal Agent

Let us begin discussing with Ideal Agent.

What is Ideal Agent?

Ideal Agent is a website that allows you to research and know the national real estate sales data in detail to identify the top 1% of agents in your area. These agents are mostly full commission agents and not discount real estate brokers. However, Ideal Agent negotiates to provide you with a lower commission percentage compared to other agents and allow you to save money.

Ideal Agent houses a big team of agents in their network who have these qualities:

How do they work?

The seller needs to brief them about their home selling goals such as whether they want to sell quickly, etc. They need to answer vital questions including your needs, agent expectations, etc. Then, Ideal Agent will start working to match your requirement.

Ideal Agent reviews

If you study several websites, you will know that the consumers gave mixed reviews of the company and their experience.

Pros and cons of using Ideal Agent

The benefits of Ideal Agent include:

There are drawbacks of Ideal Agent too such as:


Houzeo is a giant tech-centric company that allows home sellers to sell their homes via For Sale By Owner and save a considerable sum of money on commission. This real estate platform gives access to the sellers of the tools that only real estate agents have.

This famous real estate company aims to assist and facilitate the homeowners with several facilities at a low cost. The features such as IntelliList Listing Management System, which makes the listing of your home simple and quick, the ability to review and compare offers online, counter an offer, and Houzeo Showings that lets you manage to show requests from buyers and agents, make Houzeo one of the top choices.

How do they work?

Houzeo is a nationwide company that was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in New York City. This real estate marketplace helps you easily get your home listed on the MLS or multiple listing services. In return, the users need to pay just a small flat fee. If you want to sell for sale by the owner (FSBO), then Houzeo allows you to avoid paying a huge commission fee to the listing agent.

Houzeo reviews

The website has some great Houzeo reviews on various websites.  Customers had positive things to say and share about Houzeo.

Pros and Cons – Houzeo

The positives:

The drawbacks include:

Now that you know the pros and cons of each, take your pick!

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