Cloud Consulting Services that Drives Digital Transformation


Cloud consulting services assist in identifying and maximising the benefits of cloud computing.

Nuvento, a provider of cloud consulting services since 2007, makes sure that companies take full use of all the advantages of the cloud, including lower prices, more efficient delivery, optimal performance, high dependability and security, and more.

What You Get from Cloud Consulting

Q&A sessions, email exchanges, and other forms of consultation with the management.

To evaluate TCO, ROI, and the anticipated impact on development cost and speed, create a business case.

Process descriptions and laws governing provisioning of IT services following cloud migration.

Consider company goals, significant occasions (such as Christmas or Black Friday), development capabilities, and risk management when planning your cloud migration.

The creation of cloud architectures for applications, data warehouses, cloud-native or hybrid infrastructures, and CI/CD pipelines.

Reviews of the setup of the infrastructure and code reviews, if any coding was done.

Why Nuvento?

  • Experienced cloud migration consultants and development going back more than ten years.
  • Proficiency with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Migration Services
  • 12 years of expertise with data and cloud technologies.
  • A sophisticated quality management system supported by ISO 9001 certification enables project implementation that completely satisfies clients’ expectations for quality, timeliness, and budget.
  • Data access from clients is guaranteed to be secure, as demonstrated by our ISO 27001 certification.
  • Having a thorough understanding of the unique characteristics of the main public cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Clutch listed this company as one of the top cloud consulting providers.

How Nuvento’s Cloud Consulting Services Can Benefit You

Reduced migration cost

To eliminate re-development efforts and hence lower migration costs, we create unique, realistic techniques for every application and data warehouse.

Optimised monthly cloud costs and performance

We create the optimum resource orchestration methods (including autoscaling for demand spikes during peak hours), choose the precise cloud services that are most appropriate for your unique situation, and set up performance testing processes.

High development speed

We assist you in setting up efficient DevOps and continuous code delivery environments and assist you in choosing ready-to-use cloud services for the creation of your app rather than coding your own code.

Reliability and recovery

To ensure high app dependability and quick recovery, we develop fault-tolerant designs for your cloud apps and provide APM (Application Performance Management) strategies.

Enhanced security

To stop cyberthreats, we advise using access- and component-level protection in addition to encryption.

Utilise best-in-class strategies and programmes that are specifically designed for your company’s needs, transformation, and benefits to realise the full potential of the cloud. Selecting the ideal cloud strategy partner enables your company to adapt quickly to the always shifting IT landscape.

The luxury of reduced IT expenses and resources is available through Nuvento’s Cloud Consulting services, which also increase productivity and time-to-market. We support our customers with Cloud Migration Assessments, AWS Migration Assessments, and Azure Migration Assessments to match with your enterprise’s digital strategy and have a smooth transition to Cloud Ecosystem. AWS and Azure are our committed cloud partners.

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