3 tips for finding a web editor easily

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Do you want to use the services of an SEO expert to write content optimized according to SEO techniques? It’s a very good idea! This will boost your online visibility, drive organic traffic to your site, and potentially increase your revenue. However, you still have to find the rare pearl, the one who will make your business take off. In this article, we give you our 3 tips for finding a qualified web editor. Go for it, it is certainly one of your best assets to prosper online!

1/ Search on web writing and freelance platforms

Secure spaces with varied profiles

Web writing and freelance writing platforms are the best places to find like-minded writers. Very popular and secure, they allow you to delegate your production of articles, and focus on your core business. The strong point of these platforms is that you can find writers specializing in specific topics. Medicine, science, catering, decoration, sport, travel… It’s up to you to find the profile that suits you! Some of the very good sites include Malt, Upwork, Fiverr and Crème de la Crème. However, if you are looking for a web editor specializing in SEO optimization, and with a very good level of writing, we strongly advise you to create an account on Web. 

Web: qualified SEO web editors to stay focused on your core business

All the freelancers on this platform have followed Lucie Rondelet’s intensive training, “Web Writing Training”. They then benefited from in-depth courses on the various SEO and content optimization techniques. In addition, they must write a test article in order to be referenced on the site. It is therefore an excellent guarantee of their skills, and a real guarantee of quality for customers.

Once your profile has been created on the platform, you can choose your writer according to your needs (level, preferred themes, format, etc.), as well as the type of content she produces. Then, you have the choice between buying turnkey articles, or custom-made ones. All you have to do is place an order to get in touch with your social media verification agency. It’s so easy! In 3 minutes, you entrust the production of your texts to an SEO expert, who will be able to write unique, well-optimized texts in your image. On your side, you can finally concentrate on your core business and develop your activity serenely.

2/ Keep an eye on social networks 

Instagram and Facebook

Social networks are a real gold mine when looking for the services of a web editor. A presence on these platforms is essential to communicate about your company, but also to display your employee needs. For example, you can join groups, private or public, whose members are entrepreneurs and freelancers. You just have to type for example “Freelance writing group”, to find dozens of results. It is therefore the ideal place to talk about your content creation needs and build up an interesting address book. Admittedly, these networks may be less formal than LinkedIn or a professional network, but they are still very effective.


LinkedIn is the professional social network of reference when looking for web editors. Easier interaction between members, discussions around your projects and needs, profiles available immediately… In short, LinkedIn saves you a lot of time and allows you to clearly express your business intentions. In addition, the professional path as well as the area of ​​expertise are generally accessible to everyone. So many criteria that can reassure you about your future editor.

Clearly, we love social networks for their virality and their formidable efficiency. Besides, maybe you too are used to posting your job offers directly on your networks. You are right! By communicating your needs in preview on an ultra-responsive platform like LinkedIn, editors can challenge you quickly. It is certainly more effective than if you had first posted the offer on your website, or on a job advertisement site for example.

3/ Find a web editor through word of mouth

Even if the job of web editor is still fairly new, more and more companies are using their services to boost their online visibility. So why not you? Do you find that the site of someone you know gives very good results on Google, as if by magic? She may be using the services of an SEO expert! If this is the case, do not hesitate to ask him for his contact, and to benefit from his expertise to propel your business. As much for potential clients as for the editor, word of mouth has lost none of its effectiveness! You can also join a business club or leaders club. These networking meetings make it possible to connect freelancers, where everyone presents their core business around a workshop or breakfast. This is the perfect opportunity to meet people and discover entrepreneurs who can change the course of your business. And who knows, some may know a web editor who will be happy to work with you! 

What you must remember:

  • Freelance and web writing platforms, such as Web, are among the best places to find a web editor: they are home to talented and diverse profiles;
  • Social networks are not to be neglected: their ease of access and their viral side allow you to get in touch quickly with editors;
  • Word of mouth and networking are two very effective tools for building human relationships and discovering talent.

Moreover, do not hesitate to consult the article “Delegating Content Creation: 3 tips”, which gives you tips for collaborating with an editor in complete peace of mind. You can finally focus on your core business, and what excites you. Isn’t life beautiful?

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