10 tips to design a professional website


This is perhaps one of the least mentioned areas of web design, yet the speed of loading content is one of the most significant variables. Several studies have demonstrated that speed impacts everything, from bounce rate to user happiness to improving conversions and money. Website loading speeds are also a significant issue for SEO. If your site is sluggish, visitors don’t visit it. Moreover, because people consider site speed crucial, search engines analyze page load time as the primary component in positioning. For this reason, it is crucial to make the site speedy and simple to browse. One of the greatest and quickest methods to boost the performance of your site is to make sure that you invest in excellent web hosting.

Take Advantage of the First Elements

These are aspects of the displayed web page, that is, things that predominantly occupy the screen of the user’s device. Due to the varying screen sizes on the market today, many claims that higher or lower items on a page do not matter. Others disagree. However, the evidence is obvious. In 2018, users spent 57 percent of their time viewing captioned material. 74 percent of their time is spent in the first two areas accessible on the website. Therefore, positioning material higher or lower still plays an essential function. For your website, this implies that you need to emphasize information in the main area of the site and utilize the available space to attract people and retain their attention.


Less is more: less plays a crucial part in web design in general. If we search Web development companies in Pakistan, the Google research found that people do not enjoy visual complexity. The more complicated the design, the less your site is considered by visitors as appealing.

What does this signify for a website and what do you need to do?

Sidebar redesign: more and more sites are discarding the notion of a sidebar in favor of a single-column design. This leads to less distraction and changes the focus of people to content. Stick to the conventional arrangement. People appreciate familiar things and maybe perplexed by non-standard site layout. Therefore, it can be a good idea to stay with recognized design patterns. You may discover various strategies to separate oneself from competitors.

Avoid Carousels, Slides, Tables, and Accordion Menus

Often, folks who own the site appreciate carousels and different animations. This is one of the most demanding feature for our clients. Unfortunately, the research suggests they are worthless. A significant piece of data comes from the University of Notre Dame, where the webmaster found that the first carousel slide got approximately 90 percent of the clicks, while the remainder was virtually disregarded. Tables and accordion menus share the same issue with slides and carousels – they are commonly overlooked. The problem worsens when you consider the fact that few consumers read the contents of the full page. Most individuals merely crawl the site, and consequently, they most likely will not navigate to further sites.

Prioritize Scrolling, Not Clicks

So, if you do not “compress” the content in slides and/or accordion menus, what can you do? Include everything on a big page, including elements that are typically buried. Crazy Egg performed intriguing research on a point that came out of a basic brief sales page that was 20 times bigger than the original. Result: conversions are up 30 percent! It appears that consumers like to scroll considerably more than click. Therefore, if your site already includes information distributed across numerous pages, consider building a distinct page with more information.

Use Images of Real People

In addition to the verbal suggestions, to capture the attention of users, adding photographs of people contributes to success. People like interacting with one another both in person and virtually. A good example is a page on a blogger’s blog. A Basecamp research discovered that a huge image of a real person in the backdrop may enhance conversions. Uncomplicated and efficient reception Just remember that photographs from stock photo agencies should not be used. Nielsen Norman Group conducted research that found that users are excellent at spotting and rejecting stock photos. As a result, it’s critical to include photographs of actual individuals.

Customers and/or employees might be included.

Making a TO-DO list is the great way to keep your work on track

You can make a lot of information easier to find by using lists, both sorted and unordered. However, it turns out that the level of human attention here is just as unpredictable as the level of attention elsewhere. This is related to a phenomenon known as the “sequential placement effect. It’s quite probable that the articles uploaded around the beginning and end of the list will be more memorable to the user. Articles that are placed at the top of the page tend to be overlooked.

Recommendations are a great way to get people

The last piece of advice we have for site designers involves something we’ll term “confirmation”. Doing what other people do is a natural human propensity. This means that the more people who agree with something, the more probable it is that other people would agree with you. Reviews are one method to take advantage of this occurrence on your website. In order to attract new consumers, you need to prove that current customers are happy with your site, content, goods, or


Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

For a website to be successful, it must be mobile-friendly. More than one-third of all internet shopping in the United States is done on a mobile device, with the average American using their phone for more than five hours a day. It goes without saying that your company’s mobile website must provide an enjoyable browsing experience for its visitors. Mobile-friendly websites are more likely to attract new clients if they are easy to use and read on a smartphone or tablet. If your website doesn’t have a positive mobile user experience, it will be difficult for visitors to locate you through a Google search, which is our last point here.

For the second point, make it simple to locate.

Either your company name or a description of your firm should be in the domain name. Multiple domain names may lead to a single web address. In order to increase traffic to your website, you’ll need to use a combination of technical SEO best practices, keyword research, content marketing, and paid advertising.

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